DayZ Update 1.34: Console patch promises significant improvements

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The DayZ update 1.34 has been released and improves the originally published update 1.33. This update aims to fix major criticisms of the game!

The update at a glance: While update 1.33 (v1.15) brought major innovations, the follow-up patch 1.34 should iron out the bugs. Nevertheless, it is also interesting for laypeople to know what exactly is in it.

What’s new in DayZ update 1.34? Here are the patch notes

Above all, update 1.34 fixes many bugs and glitches. New features like in the previous update are not included.

Bug fixes

  • DayZ could crash because the consoles were not using the memory properly.
  • You couldn’t switch flashlights while wearing them on your helmet.
  • Fire barrels could disappear after removing all attachments.
  • You couldn’t use the L button to turn on a headlamp on M&K.
  • Attachment slots in the inventory were not visible for some items in the hands.
  • AUR rifles made the reload sound twice when reloading.


  • Fixed a bug where game stamina modifiers (sprintStaminaModifierErc and sprintStaminaModifierCro) were not working properly.
  • Fixed incorrect message handling for loot from dynamic events.
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Update 1.33 & 1.34: Problems persist

Many players report on Reddit that their game has been performing worse since patch 1.33 and that it is badly bugged.

Even with hotfix 1.34, the experience for many players should not have improved. Settings in the game options are responsible for many of the bugs.

Are you having problems with DayZ on the console? Let us know in the comments, and we’ll help you personally as best we can at

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