Escape From Tarkov gets 3 New Rogue Bosses: Big Pipe, Birdeye & Knight

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Escape From Tarkov is getting three new bosses, and their names are Big Pipe, Knight and Birdeye. In a Tarkov TV podcast, the developers from Battlestate Games have shown more about the new rogue bosses for the first time — among other things, they bring powerful arguments to the field with their grenade launchers and snipers.

What was shown? The Escape From Tarkov development team also showed off the new boss in a podcast about the new Tarkov update. It’s called Big Pipe, and the name is more than fitting: Big Pipe is probably the new Tarkov boss with the strongest weapon. What else we know about him now.

New Tarkov boss Big Pipe blasts enemies back into the menu

This is Big Pipe: In the latest podcast about the upcoming update of Escape From Tarkov, the developers show just one loadout of boss Big Pipe. Here we see him with grenade launcher, pistol and comtacs. With skull gloves and bandana, as well as various tattoos, the design for the new boss seems to be based on a sailor or pirate.

To be precise, Big Pipe wears the skull bandana, but not for the love of Jack Sparrow or St. Pauli. The skull is the sign of the Rogues, who especially the Bears have already learned to hate on the map Lighthouse.

On which map is Big Pipe? The new boss should be on the latest map Lighthouse along with some other new characters. This also comes from the developer podcast that was held last Friday.

What’s special about the boss? Besides his grenade launcher, which gives him a lot of power, Big Pipe seems to have an obvious weakness. The new boss in Escape From Tarkov is carelessly not wearing a helmet. So, should you encounter him in the coming months, you’ll know which body part to shoot at. As always, be careful, though, because boss health is calculated differently in Tarkov than scavs or players!

There is one disappointment about Big Pipe’s weapon, though (probably): the gun of the new Tarkov boss Big Pipe is probably a boss-only weapon. That means you probably can’t loot the grenade launcher. Similarly, with the Factory boss Tagilla, you won’t be able to loot his sledgehammer either.

More about Escape From Tarkov

There are more new bosses in the new Tarkov update

Via Twitter, the developers shared a few hours ago that there are a few more bosses in the upcoming patch for Escape From Tarkov. However, we don’t know as much about the two more as we do about Big Pipe:

Rouge boss “Knight”

What do we know? The boss Knight has a Scar-L and wears a skull mask with plastic dreads. Around his right arm are wrapped the dog tags of many USECs, which confused some fans of Tarkov, always Rogues are also just USECs. However, it should be noted that Rogues are ex-USEC. Moreover, they do not fire directly at USEC, but only defend themselves from them.

Rogue boss “Bird Eye”

What do we know? Birdeye is a Sniper boss who also belongs to the Rogues and is on Lighthouse. He uses the RSS and also has an assault rifle that he carries on his back. In addition, Birdeye’s face is painted with a skull and he doesn’t wear military gear, but a striped sweater — You may insert a Spongebob meme here.


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