Escape From Tarkov: New Update Brings Revolver, Improved Scav AI & Much More

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Escape From Tarkov gets a new update with version and that prepares everything for the upcoming expansion of the map Lighthouse, brings new content and improves the technology of the survival shooter: You can find everything in the following patch notes.

The update at a glance: Today sees the release of a new update for the survival shooter Escape From Tarkov, and it brings everything for the upcoming Lighthouse map expansion, as well as new scav AI blatant performance boosts. Missing from the update, however, is the map expansion itself. So the Lighthouse expansion, including the three new strong rogue bosses, are coming later!

This is in the patch notes of the latest Tarkov update

When is the update coming? The Tarkov update will be released on April 13, 2022, with servers offline around 10 a.m. and expected to be live again a few hours later.

Update brings new weapons that are unique

The update for Escape From Tarkov brings two new weapons. Both of them are revolvers, which means they are absolutely new territory for Tarkov players, as there hasn’t been a single revolver before. The two new revolvers are:

  • Chiappa Rhino 200DS (9×19 mm)
  • Chiappa Rhino 50DS (.357 mm)

In the future, other variants of the Rhino revolver will follow. Among others, the “.40 SW” or “ITA” variant. In addition to the guns, the developers also spend new types of ammunition in caliber .357:

  • .357 Magnum Soft Point (partial jacket bullet)
  • .357 Magnum JHP (full metal jacket hollow point)
  • .357 Magnum Hollow Point (hollow point)
  • .357 Magnum FMJ (full metal jacket)

New SCAV AI and behavior

The current Tarkov patch changes the behavior and movement pattern of the scavs. Among other things, AI cardboard companions now suffer from inertia, just like players. Inertia describes the inertia a body experiences when transitioning from one movement to another. In the case of Tarkov, this means that running sideways is simply more sluggish and can no longer be used directly to punish.

Other changes to scavs:

  • Scavs react differently to the player when fighting Tagilla on Factory (how is not clear).
    New spawn points for scavs
  • Scavs can no longer perform dropshots
  • Scavs can no longer fire while changing their position (stance).

Nvidia DLSS and performance boost

The latest patch notes from the Tarkov update finally also talk about the introduction of Nvidia DLSS. This is a software solution for dynamic scaling of resolution. The method involves rendering the image at a lower resolution and then upscaling it using DLSS. You can then look for a difference to the native resolution with a magnifying glass.

The big advantage of DLSS in Tarkov is an incredible performance boost, but this is reserved for Nvidia users. We tested this once in a resolution of 2560x1440p (thus WQHD). With DLSS, we got between 20 and 30% more FPS on the “Balanced” level, depending on the card.

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Other new features in the Tarkov update

  • Some tools you use when crafting in the Hideout can now be used multiple times.
  • The weapon and armor repair kits can now be found in raids. How effectively you use them depends on your Intelligence skill.
  • Players around you will hear a sound when you access your secure container.
  • You can now sort your orders and cancel daily orders as well.
  • If you are killed by a player scav, the end screen now shows the player name, no longer the scav name.

The full patch notes of Escape From Tarkov Update can be found on the developers’ website.


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