Hunt Showdown: Update 1.8 Brings Weapons & Changes Maps – Patch Notes

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Hunt Showdown gets one of the biggest content patches so far with the latest update 1.8. In the patch notes of the 13 gigabyte update are two new weapons, countless map adjustments and much, much more.

Finally, there is a new update for the horror shooter Hunt Showdown. With a download size of 13 gigabytes, this is certainly one of the most powerful patches for Hunt so far. New features are mainly the two weapons, one of which seems a bit too strong. But here is an overview:

The update 1.8 at a glance

  • Two new weapons: Revolver Caldwell 92 and shotgun Winfield Slate
  • Two new weapon variants for Berthier and Scottfield.
  • Improvements to the Cain skin
  • Adjustments to all maps
  • Performance improvements
  • Various bug fixes and adjustments

Hunt Showdown Update 1.8: This is in the patch notes

When is the update coming? The latest Hunt Showdown Update 1.8 is already available. You can currently play it on the Steam (Pc) and Xbox test servers. All you have to do is download the test server client.

New weapons & variants in the update

These are the new variants: If you are a fan of the Berthier Mle, you can now look forward to a variant with bayonet. As a Scottfield-Ultra you can now also go into battle with a model including brass knuckles:

  • Berthier Mle 1892 Riposte
  • Scottfield Model 3 Brawler

New weapon: Winfield 1893 Slate

A new shotgun enters the bayou and cleans up in terms of style right away. The Winfield 1893 Slate is a pump-action shotgun and virtually a direct improvement on the Spectre 1882. Handling is better, rate of fire is higher, and it reloads much faster than the Spectre. In addition, with the Winfield 1893 Slate, you don’t need a bullet grubber trait because no bullets are lost during reloading.

On the other hand, the shorter barrel means that the spread of the Winfield Slate is greater. As a result, the maximum hit distance also suffers significantly.

Stats of the Winfield 1893 Slate

  • Large slot
  • 6 bullets capacity
  • 180 Damage
  • 58 RPM
  • 12 meters range
  • 82% Handling

New weapon Caldwell 92 New Army

The second new weapon in Hunt Showdown Update 1.8 is the Caldwell 92 New Army. A double action revolver that you feed with compact ammo. The Caldwell 92 New Army is comparable to the Scottfield and the Nagant Officer.

However, the Caldwell 92 New Army does more damage than the Officer or the Scottfield. In return, a bullet velocity is significantly lower.

Stats of the Caldwell 92 New Army

  • Small slot
  • 6 bullets capacity
  • 97 Damage
  • 107 RPM
  • 79 meters range
  • 59 % Handling


Changes to the game world in Update 1.8

With the current patch come not only new weapons and improved performance. The developers have worked on all three maps and changed them, some of them radically.

In Stillwater Bayou, you’ll find more cover at locations like Cyprus Huts. The large open lake is history. Instead, there are many wooden palisades in the now shallower water, behind which you can find cover.

In addition, Crytek reworked some shafts that led into caves, adjusted passages along large fort walls, or built new cover for various locations like Lawson Station or Blanchet Graves.

On all maps, the developers experimented with closing large areas with vegetation. In other places, however, the scrub was removed to provide a better view of compounds from the outside.

Server performance and other improvements

Since update 1.7, there have been various performance problems for many players. Fans complained primarily about the performance of the servers. Not everything seems to be running smoothly on the client-side, either. With the Hunt Showdown Update 1.8, developer Crytek wants to fix that:

Server-side performance

  • AI, doors, chains and other interactive objects in Hunt Showdown now eat up fewer resources.
  • Some unused components have been removed to reduce the load.
  • AI (NPC enemies) should now be calculated differently. If there are no players around, they are now put in a performance-saving idle state.

Client-side performance

  • The team has improved the communication between Hunt Showdown and the Steam API.
  • Some features of the API were being queried on every frame, which was undoubtedly the reason for the performance spikes.

Hunt update 1.8 brings new tool to improve performance

Developer Crytek admits that the minor adjustments to the Steam API is not a solution for everyone. In order to ensure smooth gameplay for as many players as possible, they are now bringing back the “Leightweight Profiler Tool”. This tool is supposed to help you better spot and fix performance issues — and here’s how it works:

  1. Go to your Steam library
  2. Right-click Hunt Showdown and select Properties
  3. Click on the Beta tab
  4. Enter the code: “cNfwbj56mwcqPZNA” here (without quotes).
  5. The drop-down menu should now show “Lightweight – Lightweight Profiler”.
    Select this, close the windows and start Hunt Showdown. A window will open where you
  6. select: “Play Lightweight Profiler”.

Now play a round of Hunt Showdown and send the two files “game.log” and “profiling/pipeline_stats.csv” to a Crytek community manager or directly to support.

More about Hunt Showdown

Other new features in Hunt Showdown Update 1.8

  • You can now open doors inwards when walking backward while interacting.
  • All barn doors have been reworked.
  • The incredibly annoying legendary hunter Cain has gotten his overhaul. His skin is now lighter, and he stands out better from the ground.
  • Tier 2 hunters now have a new animation for equipping a weapon in the menu.
  • AI enemies should now feel more natural thanks to improved behavior — whatever that means.

Your opinion on the patch notes of Hunt Showdown Update 1.8

What do you think? Is Hunt Showdown Update 1.8 exactly what you were hoping for, or are you wishing for something else entirely? No matter what’s on your mind, write us what you think. We also invite you to join our growing community on Discord and Facebook!


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