New Dying Light 2 Update Brings the Game Closer to its Great Predecessor

Published: Jan. 31, 2023
Updated: Jan. 31, 2023

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On January 31, the new update for Dying Light 2 will be released, and it will bring us closer to the qualities of the first game with improvements to the rag doll, hit feedback, and adjustments to dynamic events.

The update at a glance: Dying Light 2 update 1.9.0 is here, and it changes important aspects of the zombie parkouler's biggest criticisms. Among other things, the developers have once again tried their hand at the zombies' rag dolls and the general physics rendering -- with great success! What new content or improvements the patch notes still spit out, we reveal now.

Dying Light 2 Update 1.9.0 - Better physics, rag dolls, co-op & events

This is how the rag dolls change: The rag dolls of the opponents have been a big hang-up for player criticism since the release of Dying Light 2. In the first Dying Light, you could knock zombies' feet off, and they fell down, among other things. If they climbed onto cars, and you knocked them off balance, they would quickly slide down the hood. Even after the undead died, you could continue to interact with the bodies and generally, enemies felt like they had weight.

Now, this is supposed to make its way into Dying Light 2 as well. Enemies fall, stumble, slide, and overall react much better to blows from the player. However, you can still send them flying through downtown at 1,000 km/h if you hit a heavy blow.

All adjustments to the Ragdolls (human-sized enemies).

  • New ragdoll code that makes hits look more realistic
  • New ragdoll presets to adjust the hit reactions of human-sized enemies
  • A number of animation-based ragdoll hit reactions have been changed
  • Changes to AI behavior around building ledges

The following video shows the state of Dying Light 2 at release


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All gameplay adjustments in Dying Light 2 update 1.9.0

There are many aspects that are addressed in this update, and to write them all down would make the article look very confusing. Therefore, the adjustments come here as bullet points:

  • A new sound plays during the night and during chases.
  • You can skip cutscenes now.
  • Dangerous zombies no longer explode directly when hit by electric or fire weapons.
  • You can now choose how many items you want to craft of each type when crafting.
  • Upgrading the "Sting" skill will allow you to instantly finish off zombies that grab you.
  • Rare trophies are now dropped more often by zombies.
  • Right at the start of a new session you now get the outfit "the pilgrim".
  • You can now dodge while looking up.
  • There are new animations for the one-handed axe.
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All other patch notes from the Dying Light update


  • Any player can now use the Nightrunner tools of the host of a co-op session, regardless of personal progress in single player mode
  • Added respawn ability - respawns will take place 45 seconds after dying near another player
  • When a player completes a challenge, it should now end for all other players as well
  • Ropes now look realistic when swinging and are not distorted
  • Enemies' necks on low levels hold less, ambushes work as intended
  • Changed placement of party information on the user interface
  • Doors in X13 now open as intended for all players in a co-op session
  • Problem solved: respawns in X13
  • Fixed issue: Immunity exploit after repeated healing. No more god mode
  • Issue resolved: Shaking player models when hiding/in shafts.
  • Improved user interface for players who need to be revived
  • The list of games in the online menu is automatically reloaded after a failed join attempt.
  • Problem fixed: Flashlight stays on during Aiden's flashbacks
  • Issue resolved: Rare graphical problems when repeatedly opening and closing military containers
  • Issue resolved: TPP animations for players with baseball bats.
  • Bloody Ties - issue resolved: player search issues despite owning the story DLC
  • Bloody Ties - Issue resolved: Music during Rush and Carnage challenges does not play for all players
  • Bloody Ties - Players no longer have to wait for other players at critical moments during timed sequences
  • Bloody Ties - Players look more natural when opening vaults
  • Bloody Ties - When the host finishes a "Rush" challenge, it ends for everyone
  • Bloody Ties - Targets for spectacles in the UI are now updated correctly for all players in co-op mode
  • Fixed issue with TPP animation when connecting a power cable to a generator
  • Improved co-op widgets for other players, including status icons (poisoned, burned, etc.)
  • Players no longer lose the ability to attack from a turret after a started cutscene
  • Wal(t)zertanz - the rope has been replaced with a climbing scaffold to prevent players from falling to their deaths and blocking quest progress
  • Time to teleport the host has been shortened from 10 sec. to 3 sec.
  • Time to bleed out has been increased from 20 sec to 40 sec. Now there is more time to help your fallen friends!
  • Players who heal friends who are moving will no longer be slowed down. In other words, the
    healing will stop if the player being healed runs away.
  • Healing stops when the player being healed runs away.
  • Veronica quest - issue fixed: Invisible NPC for all players in the session.
  • Issue resolved: Host difficulty is reset to normal when other players leave the game
  • When using a controller, reviving other players will no longer unintentionally consume consumables other than the selected medkit.


  • Problem fixed: players can't make lock picks despite a free slot
  • Caution: The barbed wire around the Slayer's camp now causes damage
  • The crossbow in Harper's Elite mission now has limited ammo
  • Kicking attacks are now slightly faster and stronger
  • Hurting friendly NPCs no longer counts towards the "Base Jumping Champion" goal


  • PC only - issue fixed: Darker image on certain configurations after one of the recent patches
  • PC only - Massacre Manica shield is no longer shown twice when mouse wheel is pressed
  • PS5 only - Bloody Ties now loads correctly when started from the "Continue Activity" tab
  • The heartbeat sound is no longer audible when the player has muted all audio in settings
  • More variant models of ferns in the city
  • The background music for the "Cathedral" quest is no longer heard everywhere when following the quest
  • Problem fixed: Display of fog or smoke under water
  • Fixed issue: Building geometry has dark gaps in the distance
  • Fixed issue: Menu background wobble due to in-game explosions
  • Problem solved: players fall through the bottom of elevators
  • Improved quality of visual and particle effects
  • Sound effects from the weapon's explosion mod are now audible
  • Improved shooting animation for crossbows
  • Problem fixed: Missing voice-over lines
  • Fixed issue: Missing battle music when fighting in GRE anomalies
  • Fixed issue: Sound dropout after previewing an outfit in a hideout
  • Fixed issue: TPP animations when blocking with the massacre manica with two hands
  • Fixed issue: Far away NPCs occasionally get stuck in their animation
  • More consistent representation of lightning
  • UV flashlight - intense sound when burning bites
  • Furniture and other objects have been moved in some places to reduce clipping
  • Extended display range of volumetric fog and lights
  • Higher resolution for the sky
  • Increased the number of objects that cast shadows
  • Improved LOD transition for trees
  • General improvement in CPU, GPU and DirectX 12 performance
  • Memory usage improvements for longer sessions
  • PC only - fixed disappearance of FSR 2.0 option on certain configurations
  • Issue fixed: problems with the "Real Nightrunner" achievement. Please note that it may be necessary to retake one of the Nightrunner exams
  • Improved LOD on the highway after X13

User interface 

  • Quest marker for "Portrait of a Cat" has been added
  • Added 7th section of the health bar for players over 600 LP
  • Added a tooltip to the map icon for the merchant in Massacre Hall
  • Added a tooltip to the card icon for Severus in the Massacre Hall
  • The camouflage icon is no longer replaced by other status icons
  • Quest objectives in "The Master" have been clarified
  • The quick travel hint is now correctly displayed in the tips menu
  • The order of icons for weapon mods is no longer different in different parts of the interface
  • The "quest update text no longer overlaps the health bar
  • Improved loading times for messages of the day in the main menu
  • Accessories and Nightrunner tools can now be easily swapped in the quick slot

The original patch notes for Dying Light 2 Update 1.9.0 can be found on the game's Steam page.

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