Rust Console Edition Update 1.04: All Patch Notes of The Big Hotfix

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The Rust Console Edition doesn’t get any big new content with Update 1.04, but a bunch of important fixes and improvements. Anyway, this is not surprising, since nothing new was pending on the PC either.

The update at a glance: Unfortunately, there are no new real contents in the latest Rust update 1.04 for the console edition. Instead, the developers of Double11 focus on the improvement and stability of the survival game. Many reasons for crashes or various inconveniences are gone.

The Update had to be postponed for a few hours. But it will certainly be released today on August 3rd — just a few hours later.

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Rust Console Edition Update 1.04 – All Patch Notes

Fixed crashes

  • Unplugging the headset from the console no longer causes crashes
  • Crashes related to the user interface
  • Rust should no longer crash on the loading screen

Bug fixes

  • Fixed launch site window exploit. Players can no longer use this exploit to get into the building
  • A bug caused players to place their bases too close to safe zones.
  • The profanity filter was too sensitive and should now have fewer reasons to block players.
  • Players could not plant pumpkin seeds and corn kernels in a planter.
  • Chairs created a rubber band effect. Players should no longer glitch around while standing in the chairs.
  • A bug caused players to become invisible in Bandit City when they sat on a chair.
  • The problem message: “Internet connection not detected, please reconnect to a stable network” has been resolved.

Quality of Life changes

  • You can now use a hammer to pick up the workbench
  • The distance to place seeds is now higher. Among other things, this should reduce server lag and improve performance.
  • You cannot plant plants near monuments.
  • Pumpkins and corn plants give off fewer seeds when harvested.
  • Xbox controllers could no longer be used once they were signed out.
  • Players should no longer be invisible on the roster.
  • Sleeping players die instantly if they camp in a safe zone or right in front of it.
  • The percentage display for achievements on Xbox is now improved.
  • Xbox invitation system should work fine.
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Graphics & UI

  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from seeing their model after being in inventory.
  • Changed icons for some items in the inventory:
    • Bandages
    • Large Medkit
    • Medical Syringe
    • Material for bandages

That’s it: These are all changes, bug fixes, and QoL adjustments in Rust Update 1.04 of the console edition. If you noticed a new bug in the current version, please let us know in the comments. Optionally, you are cordially invited to follow us on Twitter so as not to miss any other exciting topics, and we are guaranteed to have patch notes first – mostly.


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