Rust Update in August: New Map, Submarines & Underwater Labs

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The next Rust update is out in a week and brings a new fishing mini-game, subs, and something giant!

The update at a glance: At the beginning of August it’s that time again and Rust gets an update including a force wipe (all wipe dates for console). Among other things, this update should deliver new underwater labs that you can explore with the help of submarines. But be careful: in the sunken laboratories, you have to watch out!

That’s in the Rust update in August 2021

Fishing mini-game

A fishing rod has been hidden in Rust’s game files for years now: Nobody knew what it was for, but you can finally make use of it. In a new mini-game, you can now put bait on your line and try your luck at fishing.

What to catch?

  • Sardines
  • Anchovies
  • Herring
  • Tarp
  • Flippers
  • plastic bottle
  • Scrap
  • More


The better your bait, the better the reward you can potentially pull out of the ocean. To do this, however, you have to win a mini-game. It starts with casting your line — if something bites, you have to show your prey who is the stronger.

That sounds exciting, but in reality, it means: Eject the fishing rod, wait, when you take a bite, press “A”, “D” to keep a bar in balance, and then “S” to bring in the catch.

Why fishing? Why should you use food to catch food? Yes, many Rust players asked themselves this question in advance, but be careful: In Rust you catch different fish, the three largest not only result in fish-meat, but also random items such as ammunition or scrap.

And speaking of scrap: you can also sell the fish for him, by the way. So you get 20 scraps for five pegs.

Underwater laboratories

In one of the last devlogs from Rust developer Facepunch we could read that the underwater labs are ready. An implementation should therefore follow in the next patch, but what exactly are these laboratories?

As the first underwater monument, the sunken laboratories want to lure you into the sea. You get here by swimming in a diving suit or use one of the new submarines. You enter the laboratory via an entrance called the Moonpool. But where experienced players know every layout of every monument, this becomes difficult in the labs.

The underwater laboratories in Rust are generated randomly and not built by hand. They are set up a little differently for each wipe and each server. So professionals and newbies alike are in a fix. And not only that, from the laboratories there are also up to 12 pieces per map!

What is going on here? It is not yet clear what rewards you will receive for visiting the laboratories. In any case, you will be able to dust off some scrap or weapons as soon as you have shot down the armed scientists there.


The upcoming Rust update in August brings submarines as well as the laboratories. As already mentioned, they are supposed to take you to the bottom of the sea. A new 3-D model that the developers shared a few days ago shows a change: the one-person submarine now has an external tank. Apparently nothing has changed on the two-person boat.

The decay rates of the submarines in Rust

  • Interior: no deterioration
  • Coast: 240 minutes
  • Open sea: 180 minutes

So it takes a comparatively long time until a submarine in Rust is completely unusable. A normal rowing boat decays much faster with 120 minutes at sea. But should it happen that your boat gives up the ghost, you can buy a new model from the fishing village.

Armament: Submarines can also carry weapons: 2 different ones to be precise. With a large and a small torpedo, each with a different area of application, you can also defend yourself against enemies underwater.

  • Large torpedo: This is intended for use under the sea.
  • Small torpedo: This colleague first swims to the surface of the water and then forwards. That makes it particularly effective against RHIBS and rowing boats


Sharks & Harpoons confirmed for August

Harpoon: The harpoon is a weapon that you need for underwater combat. She shoots – how could it be otherwise – spears. On land, however, you should use better alternatives. In the water, even against sharks, it is unbeatable.

Sharks: This is where it gets exciting, because the sharks that will be introduced with the upcoming update on August 5th can even fly. But don’t worry, this is not on purpose and should have been improved on the live servers by the time it was launched.

The sharks often patrol the new underwater labs or other monuments that are on the water. They currently only have 20 HP on the test servers, which means they die after being hit by a harpoon.


More News and Guides about Rust

New map “Gravis” is coming in August

Rust developer Facepunch started a map contest a few weeks ago. In this, talented modders and mappers should show how they imagine the perfect Rust map. The winner was the team that we all already know from the Mars and Moon maps.

Gravis Island is the name of their work and this is an island with its own monuments, new landscapes and completely new assets. The new Rust map is slated to land on a few selected Official Servers in August. It remains to be seen whether you can start it later on your private server.


Other changes in the Rust update in August

  • Cables from electrical appliances can be partially or completely removed at the push of a button.
  • Test generator gets more slots than before.
  • The quality of the internet radio is improved and no longer crashes.
  • Lockers can be built with wooden shields. That gives them some extra protection.


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