Rust Update in February: Brings Snowmobiles, Polar Bears and New Bases

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It’s that time again, and Rust is getting a new update from the developers tomorrow, February 3rd. It brings everything a winter gamer’s heart desires and much more!

The update at a glance: A new Rust update will be released on February 3rd, which finally breathes life into the cold north of the maps. There are also new toys for racers that may have turned out a little too fast and furious. Included in the update are:

  • Polar bears
  • Snowmobiles
  • Arctic bases
  • Bug fixes and balance adjustments

Rust Update in February 2022: That is in the Arctic update

When and where is the update coming? The new Rust update is coming tomorrow, February 3rd, and includes a Wipe. To test the new content already now, you have to download the update via the test branch of Rust. You can find this test branch in your Steam library or in the console store. So far, so good, on to the content:

Polar bears conquer new habitat

For the first time, developer Facepunch is introducing polar bears to Rust. The normal bears are removed from the north and are now also a bit weaker and less aggressive. The polar bears, on the other hand, do more damage and also endure a bit more.

This is how the polar bears in Rust differ from the brown bear

  • 10 damage per second more
  • 100 HP more
  • Give more resources when you take them out


Snowmobiles for fast transport

As promised years ago, snowmobiles are coming to Rust. The developers of Rust have kept this promise today and are also bringing two different versions into the game. One version is the Tomaha snowmobile, which could be sold on a store floor. There is also a hillbilly imitation, which has few hit points.

The snowmobiles have little storage space and are fueled with low-grade. Depending on the condition of the ground, the snowmobiles sometimes drive better and sometimes worse. This is how the snowmobiles steer on different surfaces:

  • Grass: Here the snowmobile steers worst and is slow.
  • Sand and snow: Here you can control the snowmobile best, and it is fast.
  • Ice: Attention, it is uncontrollable, better stay away from ice floes.


Arctic bases are here, but not final yet

The next big innovation in the Rust update are the Arctic bases, which can now also be found in the far north on the map. Unlike the desert bases, however, they only have one layout and are not randomly assembled. However, the Arctic bases do not serve any real purpose so far. Each base is defended by up to ten scientists, but doesn’t host particularly good loot or puzzles.

However, all that can still change until the final release. The developers themselves say that many aspects of Arktik Bases are still “Subject to Change”, meaning they could be altered at any time.

Features of the Arktik bases are:

  • Connection to the underground train
  • Scientists have a 50% chance to use a healing item.
  • The base is recognizable from a distance by 2 windmills and 1x radar tower.
  • Some assets were reused from the underwater labs, which are also quite fresh.
  • Snowmobiles can spawn here.


Spray cans can change skins

The last big new feature in the Rust update for February is the spray can. With their help, you can apply purchased skins to already placed base-building elements. For example, instead of painstakingly removing a door and applying a new skin to it in the workbench, you can now simply select a skin with the spray can and apply it to the door.

Of course, this also works with boxes, ovens, garage doors, and the like. The only thing you can’t change with the new spray can is the color of clothes and weapons. But you can also spray your own artwork on walls.

More about Rust

Other new additions in and after the new Rust update

  • Bums can be picked up and repaired.
  • With the help of the command “AI.KILLSCIENTISTS”, you can kill all scientists within a certain radius.
  • Developers say they are making great progress on the Hapis Island map.
  • Brick buildings are almost completed.


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