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Rust update in September: Exciting QoL-Changes, camper Module and Light on Drops

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Another Rust update awaits us at the end of September. While this doesn’t bring us a lot of new content, it generously improves existing ones. You will now find out what to expect.

The update at a glance: The big main feature of Rust in the update from September 24th should be the light on the supply drops. This shows you now, even on the darkest September night, when an air delivery comes from the sky. Also included are:

  • Adjustments in chat and communication
  • TC adjustments with team lists
  • Improvements for the admin panel: Better events
  • Improved procedural generation of the map
  • Big event coming soon

That’s in the Rust Update in September – Patch Notes

New content from last week: You now have the option of equipping vehicles with a camper module. This new module offers two sleeping places, which also serve as a respawn point, some storage space, and a cooking area.

These are the “Quality Of Life” changes: The upcoming Rust update from September 24th, 2021 contains many improvements:

  • Text chat is limited to 120 characters
  • Turrets and TCs now have a team member list
  • Previews for signs in the inventory can be switched off.
  • Items that you sell are now displayed on the monitor of the vending machine.
  • Admins have better ways to plan their events.
  • Code locks now offer the option of entering the last code entered via quick selection.
  • Workbenches and research tables now have a search field for item names.
  • Helicopter can now land on the cargo ship.
  • Crouched players take longer to open doors.
More about Rust

That’s coming soon in Rust

  • Military bases in the desert are in the works. So far, there are no official pictures.
  • An “explosive” event is planned.
  • New missions are being planned
  • Water will be improved.

What do you wish for? These are all the changes and new features in the current Rust update in September. What changes do you want? Let us know in the comments.


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