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About Guided - Editorial Process & Editorial Policy

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Our History with Guided - We Rely on these Experiences & Expertise

1. The Origin of Guided: An Evolution from Passion

The seed for Guided was planted in 2014 with the founding of, which was started as a pure fan blog without commercial intentions. Quickly Survivethis became the biggest German survival & horror blog. Survivethis offered us, Sascha Asendorf and Kevin Willing, a platform to share our passion for video games and to constantly expand the variety of topics.

2. Transition to Guided: A Fresh Start with a Solid Foundation

In January 2021, a renewed vision sprang from this passion: Guided. This startup benefited from our rich experience gained during our time at Survivethis, GameStar and MeinMMO. Already at the start of Guided, we were able to combine experiences from 14 years of games journalism and were able to quickly build a profitable size & a great community.


3. Our Professional Development

Before and after the creation of Guided, we were active in the gaming industry, contributing to renowned magazines such as and Our roles in these magazines allowed us to gain extensive experience and deep insight into the industry. To date, we have not only written a variety of news articles and guides, but also participated in specialized courses in SEO, journalistic writing and media design (via linkedin).

Our Vision & the Goal for Guided

Guided is not only a place for guides and articles, but strives to be a reliable partner and helper for the gaming community, offering authentic and valuable journalism. For this purpose, we refrain from any tabloid journalism on this website & focus mainly on unique content apart from news & guides.

In the long run, we want Guided to become a community-driven platform that is a safe haven for all opinions & views. To that end, we are redesigning the entire website & company to become first democratic gaming news site in 2024.

Our goals:


Editorial Process & Policy at Guided

At Guided, we strive to bring you exciting new games and our regular readers' favorites with passion. We carefully manage and present the content to ensure that your experience with us is as enjoyable as possible.

1. Own Gaming Experience & First Hand Guides

Our authors, who are intensively involved with various genres and games, are passionate gamers themselves. They play the games they write about extensively themselves and share their authentic experiences and tips with you.

Some topics we deliberately write for a small community, because we are big fans of Tarkov, DayZ or Disney Dreamlight ourselves. So you can be sure, we also report about niche topics.

        <h3>2. Reliable Information & Fact check</h3>       
    <p>We place great emphasis on the quality and reliability of the information in our articles and guides. Our experienced authors carefully review and validate the content to ensure that it is accurate and up-to-date. This work is trusted by, among others, well-known websites such as:</p>        
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        <h3>3. Actuality of the Contents</h3>       
    <p>We'll provide you with comprehensive and helpful guides and articles on release day, created by a dedicated team that works outside of regular hours to keep you up to date.</p>     
        <h3>4. No Clickbait & Focus on Qualitative Content</h3>     
    <p>Our articles and guides are focused on the essentials, without unnecessary filler content, and aim to help you clearly and directly without flooding you with irrelevant information. On Guided, we also completely avoid clickbait titles and images. What you can read in our titles and headlines, you are guaranteed to get in the article.</p>      
        <h3>5. No Ai.-Generated Content</h3>        
    <p>At Guided, real, human experiences and knowledge are in the foreground. We do without AI-generated texts and focus on personal and authentic contributions.</p>      
        <h3>6. Support and Assistance Away from the Guides.</h3>        
    <p>Besides our articles and guides, we also offer personal support in the form of community interactions to help you with various problems and questions about the games. Currently this takes place on our Discord server, but will find its own place on the site in the coming year.</p>     
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        <h3>7. Unique Perspectives and Voices at Guided</h3>        
    <p>At Guided, we value the diversity of the gaming community and strive to be a platform where different voices and perspectives are heard. We encourage our writers to bring their unique experiences and views to their articles and guides so that our content reflects a wide range of opinions and approaches in the gaming world.</p>     
        <h2>Our Guided Team</h2>        
        <h3>Our Management</h3>     
        <h3>Our Team</h3>       
        <h2>Unique Content that Awaits you at</h2>      
    <p>That's only available at Guided! In addition to news, guides and interviews, offers various unique content that has been researched in depth and is not available in this form anywhere else on the web. Among other things, we have already measured various game worlds, calculated the 10-year earnings of the entire GTA Online community, and conducted investigative interviews whose content shocks some players and other content that entices:</p>      
        <h3>Do you have feedback for us? Write us a message:</h3>
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