Escape From Tarkov

Escape From Tarkov: “Arena Mode” News is Only Free for a Small Numbers of Players

The developer of Escape From Tarkov releases new information about the upcoming new Tarkov game mode Arena. We'll reveal what's new!

Everyone Wants to be Like Tarkov: Modern Warfare 2 (2022) Leak Speaks of Tarkov Mode

A leaker claims that CoD Modern Warfare 2 will get a game mode that is based on Escape from Tarkov. We take a closer look.

Escape From Tarkov Now Has Daily and Weekly Quests: You Should Know That

Tarkov now has weekly and daily quests for you to complete. We at Guided.news tell you everything you need to know.

Cultists Overrun Tarkov in the Halloween Event 2021: All You Have to Know

Escape From Tarkov gets an exciting Halloween event in 2021, in which players compete against the increasingly dangerous cultists.

Escape From Tarkov: New Teaser for Lighthouse Map and In-Raid Dealers

The teasers on new content for Escape From Tarkov are piling up. Chief developer Nikita Buyanow recently shared an interesting Instagram post that supposedly shows the new Map Lighthouse. But what do we know about the map? What happened? Battlestate...

Escape from Tarkov: Game Director Talks About 12.12 Update

Game Director Nikita Buyanov spoke about the upcoming 12.12 update for Escape from Tarkov. We summarize the most important information.

Heat wave in Tarkov: New weather event makes you die of thirst

A new event is coming to Escape From Tarkov, that brings a heat wave that hits the players hard. What is happening now? A new weather event threatens the city of Tarkov of the shooter of the same name Escape...

Escape From Tarkov Leak: What’s Behind the Multi-Map Scav Boss?

Escape From Tarkov will soon have a new scav boss who can spawn on all maps and is even stronger than Killa -- or not? Some even want to have seen it now. What happened? A new leak has established...

Tarkov Community Says: This is the Worst Map – But Gives Help to Survive

The Escape From Tarkov community is sure: Shoreline is the worst map in the game! But why is this opinion so popular? What happened? On Reddit, more precisely in the Tarkov subreddit, the players are currently talking about which map...

Make Tarkov Bright Again! Create a Bright & Clear Picture with a Simple Trick

Interiors and sometimes entire maps are much too dark in Escape From Tarkov, which is why we are showing you how you can not only make your game brighter, but also improve and expand the visual fidelity -- with...