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Become a Contributor, get Paid: The Secure Channel for Insiders, Leakers & Co.

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Become a Contributor, get Paid: The Secure Channel for Insiders, Leakers & Co.

        <h2>Who can Become a Contributor for Guided?</h2>       
    Any fan, gamer, leaker, or whistleblower who provides exclusive information on topics from the gaming world can earn their share using the Contributer system.

To make the process easier for you and us, please have any background information, images or videos ready. Ideally, you can provide credible evidence for the information you want to submit to us. What kind of information you share with us is up to you. At Guided, we accept insights on small genre gems, big AAA games, and studio information.

How do we Ensure your Safety?

In some cases, handing over sensitive information can put jobs or careers at risk. We offer and guarantee that you or your source will not be caught in the crosshairs by:

What Compensation do we Offer in Exchange for your Information?

On the one hand, we offer monetary compensation. We have a compensation catalog that you will receive when you contact us via email. The exact amount we pay is then decided on a case-by-case basis. Depending on how explosive or sensitive your information is, we grant a higher sum.

If you are using a pseudonym on the Internet, we will also share your social media channels - if you wish. Among them:

Evaluation, Handover and Payment - Here's how it Works

After the initial contact, we will initiate a call through a secure channel. This is where we get to know you and you get to know us better. We'll discuss your information, where it came from, and whether you can provide supporting documents and media. We will then evaluate your contribution within 72 hours.

If we feel that your information is correct, and you are trustworthy, we will contact you with the details for the secure portals mentioned above. Payment will be transferred after all information, videos, pictures, etc., have been submitted. After renewed and final verification of your information, payment will be made within 24 hours through the following service providers:

All information of the referral will, of course, be treated confidentially.

Why we Pay for your Information

As an up-and-coming gaming magazine, we want to offer our readers more than just news and guides. Rather, we pursue the goal of providing unique and serious insights into the gaming world. In times of growing tabloid publications, we would like to offer an antipole. Our permanent team at Guided has over 30 years of combined experience in gaming journalism.

Unfortunately, that's not enough to have eyes and ears everywhere! That's why we're now offering our Contributer system. People who have explosive information about games or developers should find Guided News a place to go for a safe transfer.

Look back at the scandal surrounding Activision Blizzard in 2021: a prime example of why we need more secure places to share this information. So, as an incentive and compensation for the exclusive information, we offer generous sums.

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