Fear The Walking Dead Season 8 - Meaning of "King County" & "Jenny" explained

Published: May. 16, 2023
Updated: Nov. 08, 2023

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The first episode of Fear The Walking Dead season 8 is here and there are some secrets hidden here, like the text on the wall of the cabin in the swamp that says "King County," and "Jenny," but what does that mean?

What's it about? Fans are divided over the opener of the eighth and final season of Fear The Walking Dead, yet there's no denying that some important secrets have been hidden here. Among other things, the heroes of the episode return to a cabin in the swamp. Here there are many scribbles on the walls. Among other things, you can find the text Jenny and King County here. We explain the Easter Egg and reveal what it has to do with Morgan's past and future.

Meaning of King County & Jenny in Fear TWD season 8 episode 1

In the first episode of Fear The Walking Dead season 8, there is a time jump of seven years. With this, the show catches up with the parent series and is now set in 2023 as well. Morgan's foster daughter Mo, or "Wren", maybe "Ren", is now eight years old and still in Padre. Madison, however, is able to free her and take her to her father, who, however, wants to move Mo right back. This is a decision by the writers that many fans find upsetting. But more important is the cabin where the trio, Madison, Morgan and Mo stay for a short time.

Here Mo finds the walkman that Morgan had put on her in stressful or noisy situations. This was his way of protecting her from the influences of the harsh world. But after his actual escape with Mo, he gave up and contacted Padre to save them both. Now he's back in his hiding place from back then - and from even earlier.

The walls of the cabin read:

  • King County
  • Jenny

Let's remember: Morgan Jones is a veteran of The Walking Dead and was already in season 1 of the mother series. Here, he lived in the same town as Rick Grimes before the outbreak of the plague. While the town itself has no name, it is located in the fictional King County.

Rick and Michonne visit King County in season 3

Jenny is the name of Morgan's first wife and the mother of his now-dead son Dwayne. In season 1 of The Walking Dead, Morgan wanted to redeem her but couldn't bring himself to do it.

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What significance does this have for the future of Morgan Jones?

When exactly Morgan scribbled this on the walls is unclear. Here, we'll just throw out two theories:

  • He wrote it when he was on his way west from Georgia (before FTWD season 4).
  • He wrote this as a to-do list when he was here with Mo and Grace.

In favor of the first theory is that it would be plain weird to scribble such texts on the wall with the new family. Also, this cabin is right on Morgan's long hiking trail when he split from Rick's group back then.

On the other hand, theory number two is supported by the fact that we will also see Morgan in King County in Fear season 8. The trailer reveals Morgan returns to the house where he last saw his wife Jenny. So this could very well be a to-do list of tasks he's been leaving for years.


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And what else does it mean? A crossover with Rick, Daryl or one of the other characters, of course! Because Morgan was already doubting his decision to leave his old group behind in the fifth and sixth seasons of Fear The Walking Dead. He often tells the Fear characters that he knows good people. A big fat "maybe," but maybe he'll return for one of the upcoming spin-off series?

Whatever happens, we'll continue to keep you up to date with all things The Walking Dead and co. To make sure you don't miss out, follow us on social media (via linktr.ee). Here we post the most exciting news on a regular basis.

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