Fear The Walking Dead: Where is Sarah? Actress speaks out on Leaving

Published: May. 15, 2023
Updated: Nov. 08, 2023

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The new and final eighth season of Fear The Walking Dead has started, but one character is completely missing without a trace: Where is Sarah Rabinowitz? The actress has now spoken out publicly with a rather vague statement.

What happened? Fans of Fear The Walking Dead have noticed that the character Sarah seems to be missing from the new season. Also online, any form of record of the actress Mo Collins in the zombie series seems to be missing. So is Sarah not coming back now?

Character Sarah Rabinowitz no longer part of Fear The Walking Dead - actress confirmed

On Twitter, fans of Fear certainly have many questions after the first crazy episode. With big mouths, however, most are asking the question, "Where is Mo Collins as Sarah?". A question that is not so easy to answer. Within the episode, her disappearance is not noticeable. After all, all characters never show up in any given episode. Sometimes main characters like Morgan Jones and now Madison again need space to themselves.

The absence of Sarah -- or rather her actress Mo Collins -- in the credits that run in the intro of each episode is noticeable after all. As I'm sure you already know, Fear The Walking Dead sets up all the series' regular cast members in the intro sequence. Their names remain even if they are not part of the current episode. But there is no trace of Mo Collins here.

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Actress addresses rumor on twitter: under a post of the Twitter account of "The Walking Dead World" reporting on the disappearance of Sarah:

She was fired!

Hundreds of people have seen this response, but the poster has held back with further information. Only a few hours later, actress Mo Collins responds to the Bis-Dato rumor and confirms the fears of many fans, even if she phrases it differently:

(Fired is) Not the word choice I would use.


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We have inquired with the actress' agency "MN2S" and are currently waiting for a response. We have also contacted Collins via Twitter. As soon as we have new information about her leaving Fear The Walking Dead, we will update this article immediately. Until then, here's a recap on the character:

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Remind me: Who is Sarah Rabinowitz in Fear The Walking Dead?

Sarah Rabinowitz first appeared in the fourth season of Fear The Walking Dead. Back then, the writers introduced her to the series as an antagonist along with her brother-in-law Wendell (who is in a wheelchair). Sarah Rabinowitz and Wendell are best known for their home-brewed beer, which the two believe is a key to a better future.

In the meantime, Wendell and Sarah were separated. While Wendell has been placed with Victor Strand in the tower due to higher security, Sarah has remained with Morgan. However, at the end of the seventh season, the two were able to have a reunion.


Sarah with her chosen brother Wendell.

Now in the final season 8 of Fear The Walking Dead, Sarah Rabinowitz (Mo Collins) is no longer part of the cast. How the writers and showrunners will solve this predicament remains to be seen. As said above, we will keep you updated on this hot topic.

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