Resident Evil 8 Versions: Normal, Deluxe & Complete-Edition Explained

Published: May. 06, 2021
Updated: May. 06, 2021

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Resident Evil 8 Village will release in a few hours on all platforms and will be sold in three versions. But what is the difference between the Resident Evil 8 Deluxe Edition and the Complete Edition of the normal version?

The release is coming soon: Players all over the world are looking forward to the release of Resident Evil 8 Village. However, as with most AAA titles, there are multiple retail versions. We clarify the difference between Resident Evil 8 Deluxe and the normal version and answer whether it is worth the $14.00 or even $20.00 surcharge. Here you get to the Steam Shop!


These are the differences between the Resident Evil 8 Village versions

Just one DLC package: Resident Evil 8 is a pure single player game, which is why there are no fancy add-on or DLC bundles. There are only a few, most of which involve cosmetic changes.

Content / Edition Resident Evil 8 ($ 59,99) Resident Evil 8 Deluxe ($ 72,99) Resident Evil 8 Complete ($ 79,99)
Base Game
RE:Verse Spiel
Accessories "Mr. Raccoon"
Survival Set
Trauma Paket X
Resident Evil 7 X X
RE 7 Season Pass X X

Only one of the DLC packages exists would also cost money in normal sales. This is the Trauma Pack, which contains many new weapon skins, references to Resident Evil 7 and much more. Individually it costs $ 12.99 on Steam.

Resident Evil 8 Trauma Package Contents

  • Weapon "Samurai Edge - AW Model-01"
  • Screen filter "RE7 film material"
  • "RE7 cassette recorder" storage device
  • Storage room music "Go Tell Aunt Rhody"
  • "Mr. Everywhere" weapon accessory
  • Unlocks the difficulty level "Village of Shadows" *
  • Concept art "Ethan's story"
  • Report on the Baker incident

What is RE:Verse? Perhaps you are wondering what is actually behind the Resident Evil RE: Verse. We will of course be happy to answer this question for you. RE: Verse is a pure multiplayer experience.

Four to six players fight against each other in 5-minute matches and have to bring down ever stronger NPC opponents. After the timer expires, the killed players can take revenge for their deaths.

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