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Hunt Showdown Gets Twitch Drops Again: All Skins and How to Link Your Account

Hunt Showdown gets again Twitch drops that promise you cosmetic items by simply watching streamers of your choice! We at Guided.news show you which items await you and how you can link your account...

ARK Survival Evolved launches Turkey Trial Event 5 – What is new?

ARK starts with the Turkey Trial Event. The event not only increases the usual rates but also ensures great skins and Chibis.

Battlefield 2042 Day One Patch Releases Today: Update 1 Will Disappoint Fans

Developer Dice has announced that the day-one patch for Battlefield 2042 will be released one day before the release. We'll reveal what's in the patch notes. What is a Day One Patch? In general, Day...

Hunt Showdown TV Show: Everything We Know About Horror Series

The Frankfurt developer Crytek announced a few hours ago that the horror multiplayer shooter Hunt Showdown is going to be a live-action series. We'll tell you what you can expect from it. What to expect:...

TWD World Beyond: The Real Plan of CRM and Secret Behind Project “V” Revealed

Episode 7 Season 2 of The Walking Dead World Beyond is here and reveals what the CRM is really planning and what Project V (Voltin) is.

Hunt Showdown Server Status “Down”: This is how long the maintenance work will take...

Developer Crytek is currently working on the Hunt Showdown servers. We'll tell you how long the maintenance work on the Hunt servers will take and whether there will be any delays. Why maintenance? Online games...

Escape From Tarkov: “Arena Mode” News is Only Free for a Small Numbers of...

The developer of Escape From Tarkov releases new information about the upcoming new Tarkov game mode Arena. We'll reveal what's new!

Everyone Wants to be Like Tarkov: Modern Warfare 2 (2022) Leak Speaks of Tarkov...

A leaker claims that CoD Modern Warfare 2 will get a game mode that is based on Escape from Tarkov. We take a closer look.

DayZ 1.15 Weapon Analysis: Everything about the AUG A1 and AUG AX

The DayZ update 1.15 brings back the A1 and AX versions of the AUG assault rifle. In our analysis, we tell you what to expect.

The 5 Deadliest Traps in DayZ That are Guaranteed to blow up Every Player

DayZ 1.14 has brought many possibilities into play to set a trap for other players, knock them out or blow them into nirvana. Today we're going to show you the 5 deadliest traps we...