How to Make Veggie Cake in Ark: Survival Evolved

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The veggie cake in Ark: Survival Evolved is one of the most important recipes! That’s why we show you in this guide how to make it!

Overview of the veggie cake: The veggie cake in Ark is one of the most important foods that you can give your animals. Herbivores in particular benefit from this, as the cake can massively replenish their health points. But it is also wonderfully suitable for taming sheep (Ovis) and snails (Achatina).


How to make and bake the Ark Veggie Cake

This is what the cake brings: Your herbivores will restore 10% of their life points within 30 seconds when they consume the food. The judgment heals a maximum of 2100 Health Points.

If you put the food in a Sauerier’s inventory, he will continue to eat as long as his life points are below 85 percent. Since version 252.8 this no longer applies to the Carbonemys and the Doedicurus!

But the veggie cake is not only good for that, it is also extremely useful for taming. Because only with this food you can tame the sheep “Ovis”. The giant snake Achatina can also be tamed in this way. Also the cake is the only food the Achatina will eat!


Ark Veggie Cake Recipe: It’s simple, but before you start gathering the ingredients, you have to build a campfire with a cooking pot or an industrial cooker. Because it doesn’t work without them.

  • 2x Honey
  • 4x Sap
  • 2x Rockcarrots
  • 2x Longras
  • 2x potatoes (Savoroot)
  • 4x stimulants (made from white stimberries)
  • 25x fibers
  • 1x water container (should be filled)

ark-veggie-cake-how-to-2020The shelf life of the Ark Veggie Cake

This is the best storage: all these ingredients are then put in the industrial cooker and you can start. Once you have made the Ark cake, it has the following shelf life:

Storage Method Ground Player-Inventory Dino-Inventory Smoking House Fridge
Shelf Life 1 h
20 Min
1 h
20 Min
5 h
20 Min
20 h 5 Days
13 h


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