Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Catch Shrimps

Published: Dec. 20, 2023
Updated: Dec. 20, 2023

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The popular life simulation Disney Dreamlight Valley is packed with Disney characters, quests, puzzles, and animals, including shrimps. This guide will show you where to find them.

In this guide, you will find out:

  • What you need shrimps for.
  • How and where you can find shrimps in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
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Why You Need Shrimps

You've probably already cooked your first dish in Disney Dreamlight Valley. In general, cooking is an essential part of the game. There are a total of 314 recipes in Disney Dreamlight Valley if you count the dishes from the paid expansion “A Rift in Time”. You require these cooked dishes for the quests of the valley inhabitants. However, you can also eat them yourself to replenish your energy bar or sell them to Goofy for a certain amount of gold. Some of these recipes require shrimp, for example, a bouillabaisse.

DDV Bouillabaisse

Bouillabaisse is one of the mos difficult recipes in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Find shrimps in Disney Dreamlight Valley

If you are looking for shrimp, you have to go to Dazzle Beach. This is the only place in the entire game where you can fish for the small crustaceans. Watch out for the bubbles in the water on the beach. If you spot such bubbles, cast your rod and with a bit of luck you will pull a shrimp out of the sea. However, you may also hook other fish or sea creatures. To increase your chances of success a little, you should mainly fish for blue bubbles. This is where you are most likely to catch a shrimp.

DDV Shrimp

You can catch shrimps at the Dazzle Beach.

Another way to increase your shrimp yield is to have Moana fish for you. To do this, you must complete the quest “Fixing the boat” with her. Once you have done this, Moana will start fishing on her own. You can then visit her regularly and pick up some of her catch for free. You have no guarantee of shrimps here, but the more often you visit, the more often you will receive shrimps. You can also have Scrooge upgrade Vaiana's fishing boat, which increases your chances of getting shrimps.

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