Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Remove Tree Stumps

Published: Dec. 27, 2023
Updated: Dec. 27, 2023

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In Gameloft's life simulation Disney Dreamlight Valley there are all kinds of obstacles to remove, including tree stumps. This guide will help you.

In this guide, you will learn:

  • Which tools you can use to remove tree stumps.
  • How to get this tool.
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Removing Tree Stumps in Disney Dreamlight Valley

When you complete quests and tasks for your Disney friends, there are always various obstacles in your way. One widespread problem are tree stumps, which you first have to remove to to be able to continue on your way. This is because the stumps often block a bridge or a path. To remove stumps in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you need a very specific tool, the improved shovel.

How to Get the Shovel Upgrade

To upgrade your shovel and remove the tree stumps in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you must fulfill certain requirements:

  • Access to the biome “Forest of Valor” biome (cost: 3,000)
  • Access to the realm of “Frozen” (cost: 4,000)

In the realm of the Ice Queen, you will meet the well-known heroines Anna and Elsa. Your first goal is to bring Anna to your valley. To do this, complete the tasks she sets you. As soon as Anna has moved into your valley, you should give her a few presents to raise her friendship level to level 2. At this level, you can start the quest “An icy invitation”.

As part of this quest, Anna will tell you about the possibility of improving your shovel. To get it, you have to bring her the book “Flora & Fauna”.

DDV Annas Haus

You can find the book in Anna's house in the forest of valor.

After that, you only need the necessary resources to craft an improved shovel blade on your your workbench:

  • 10x softwood
  • 4x hardwood
  • 4x iron ingots
  • 3x parts for crafting

Once you have collected all of these materials, you can craft your shovel on your workbench, with which you can now remove all tree stumps in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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