Disney Dreamlight Valley: Yule Log – Recipe and Ingredients

Published: Dec. 21, 2022
Updated: Dec. 21, 2022

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Cooking plays a big role in Disney Dreamlight Valley and offers you a variety of recipes that you can cook by combining ingredients. All Recipes are divided into appetizers, main courses, and desserts. Among the desserts is the yule log recipe, which we'll explain to you.

Why cooking is worthwhile in Disney Dreamlight Valley: By eating the Dishes that you cook, you will receive more energy than from each of the individual ingredients. In addition, you can sell the dishes at Goofy's shops, which in turn gives you coins that you can use for items, cosmetics, clothes, or even to improve the village.

It's not uncommon for residents to request a dish as one of their three special gifts, which increases friendship levels faster. Cooking certain dishes, eating them, or giving them as gifts are also recurring tasks in the star paths.

Ingredients For The Yule Log-Recipe in Dreamlight Valley

To prepare a yule log, you need the following ingredients:

  • 1x wheat
  • 1x cocoa bean
  • 1x vanilla
  • 1x cherries

Here you can get all the ingredients:

Wheat: You can buy wheat or wheat seeds at Goofy's stand in the peaceful meadow. Wheat seeds take 1 minute to grow until you can harvest them. You can sell the harvested wheat for 2 coins, or eat it, which gives you +19 energy.

Cocoa Bean: You can harvest Cocoa Beans from trees on the Sunlit Plateau or in the Glade of Trust. You can sell them for 38 coins at Goofy's stalls, or distort them to get + 450 energy. The time to regrow cocoa beans is 30 minutes.

Vanilla: Vanilla can be found as a plant on the Sunlit Plateau, where you can quickly harvest it. Distorting vanilla will give you +135 energy; you can sell it for 60 coins each.

Cherries: You harvest cherries from trees that grow on the Sunlit Plateau or in the Frosted Heights. For cherries, you get, from Goofy, 42 coins per piece. When eaten, they give you an energy boost of +500.

This is the Yule Log in Dreamlight Valley

After you have prepared the yule log, you can sell the dish for 213 coins at Goofy's stalls, or you can distort it to get + 2147 energy.

More about Disney Dreamlight Valley

Looking for more helpful guides about Disney Dreamlight Valley? Then take a look at our guide overview, where you can find more quests, material, recipes, and event guides. You can also chat with us and other players on our Discord server. We are looking forward to meeting you!

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