Enshrouded: Where to Find the Alchemist

Published: Jan. 29, 2024
Updated: Jan. 29, 2024

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The first NPC you'll meet in Enshrouded is the Blacksmith, but he's not the only one you'll have to find and settle. We have already found the best way to the Ancient Vault and found the Alchemist, so we can tell you where to look for him and how to do so.

Contents of the Guide: In this guide, you will learn how to find the Alchemist.

  • Location of the Ancient Vault with the Alchemist soul.
  • The best way to get to the Ancient Vault.
  • Tips on how to find the Alchemist.

How to Find the Alchemist in Enshrouded

Enshrouded Ancient Vault, the Alchemist location on the map

Here, you can see the Alchemist's location on the map.

If you want to find the Alchemist, head to the Ancient Vault, which is northwest of the starting location. Getting there is a bit tricky, so the best solution is to start your journey from Springlands Ancient Spire fast travel point.

Enshrouded Springlands Ancient Spire fast travel point

Here, you can see the Springlands Ancient Spire fast travel point.

Ancient Spire is a tall tower that you will find to the north of the starting location. After solving a few puzzles, you will get to the top of it and unlock the fast travel point. From there you have to jump with the glider, so if you haven't crafted it yet, be sure to do so.

From the fast travel point, jump to the west. Unfortunately, you won't be able to fly to the Ancient Vault itself, so once you land, you'll have to walk between the rocks, sometimes overcoming Enshrouded areas on the glider.

When you start to approach the Ancient Vault, you will notice ruins and pointed peaks as fortifications. There you will meet an enemy who will shoot at you, so be careful and dodge in time. Then, once you climb the stairs, you will meet several guards just before the entrance to the building.

Inside, go up the stairs to the second floor, where you will find a room with capsules. On the way to and in the room, you'll encounter numerous more melee guards, just like the ones you met outside. Once you find the right place, go to the pink glowing capsule and interact with it to unlock the Alchemist's soul. Thereafter, you can teleport back to your base and summon a new NPC.

What Can You Do With The Alchemist

As soon as you have an Alchemist, you can create various potions, such as Health Potion or Shroud Survival Flask. You can also craft magical gear, including spells, staffs, or armor. Some recipes will initially be blocked because they require additional equipment such as Mortar or Grinding Stones. You will be able to craft them or get them during the quests you get from the Alchemist.

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