Escape From Tarkov: This Tactic Cleans Any Room With Ease

Published: Jan. 13, 2021
Updated: Feb. 15, 2021

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In Escape From Tarkov there is a tactic that makes it very easy for you to enter every room safely. You will find out now what it is and how you can simplify it!

House fighting is very simple: In Escape From Tarkov it is often extremely dangerous to enter rooms or houses. Who knows what's lurking around the next corner? A camper, players who are looting themselves or simply a Scav who lands a lucky hit. Whatever it is, wouldn't it be great if there was a Tarkov tactic that doesn't let you storm into the unknown?

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With this Tarkov tactic you can clean up any room

Why buildings are dangerous: When you are outside in Escape From Tarkov, you usually have a large cone of vision that is only blocked by a few obstacles. It looks different indoors.

The best example here is Dorms on the Customs site map. Here you usually enter the building from the side, with open doors on your flanks, behind which a player can hide at all times who is just waiting for you. But you can get rid of this danger with the following tactic - understand? "Clearing".tarkov-door-breach

This is the tactic: So that you and your teammates no longer have to worry the next time they storm Dorms or any other building, follow this tactic: Take a step to the right. You can find all key assignments and combinations in this guide.

Well, it's not that simple. Still, you've probably heard of "Blind Fire". In Tarkov it works as follows: With ALT + S you perform a movement in which you only move your weapon. But it's best to put it on a different key.

  • Attach a flashlight to your gun.
  • In the raid, move towards an edge at a 45-degree angle.
  • Press your ALT + S, so you can aim around the corner. Now activate your flashlight and wait a moment.
  • If you don't hear any shots, move on to the next ledge.

The glow of your flashlight is incredibly bright and hides your silhouette. If there are players or Scavs in the next room, they will think that you are leaning into the room via "Q".

What your opponents do not know is that you are really only reaching out your weapon and arms in the room, not half your body. So the worst injury you can get is a hit in the arm. You can just fire blindly into the narrow corridors.


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