Hogwarts Legacy: Moonstone Puzzle - The Solution to the Riddle

Published: Apr. 10, 2023
Updated: May. 06, 2023

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There are a variety of puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy, and today we'll introduce you to the Moonstone Puzzle from the quest "A Bird in the Hand" in more detail.

What it's about: Around the wizarding school of Hogwarts, there are many secrets and mysteries. Many of them are hidden behind clever puzzles. One is the Moonstone Puzzle from the quest "A Bird in the Hand." This guide will show you how to start the quest and solve the Moonstone Puzzle.

Solve the Moonstone Puzzle for "A Bird in the Hand" in Hogwarts Legacy - Here's how.

The Moonstone Puzzle is an important part of the quest "A Bird in the Hand," We will tell you how to solve the challenging puzzle. But first, we'll show you how to start the quest.

How to Start the Quest "A Bird in the Hand

You get the quest quite late in Hogwarts Legacy from Poppy Sweeting of Hufflepuff House. The quest will be in the quest log when the time comes.

Once you get the quest, you must travel south towards Brocburrow, where you will meet up with Poppy. You can start the mission at the ruins as soon as it is night.

Important: To activate the moon puzzle and get into the ruins, you must take the moonstone in the middle of the platform.

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How to Solve the Moonstone Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy

Once you have placed the moonstone, the actual puzzle can begin. The game doesn't tell you much about the puzzle at first. It only consists of a circle with symbols and columns.

Look carefully! If you look closely at the puzzle, you should notice something. Two hard-to-see lines point to two of the magic symbols. One of the symbols looks like a sun without a snowflake. The other looks like a circle, with some hooks down and a dot in the middle.

Note: In the second symbol, the dot in the middle is important. Another symbol looks exactly the same, but the dot in the middle of the circle is missing.

The Goal: Okay, we now know how the puzzle is constructed. However, the goal is not yet clear. But the puzzle even shows that directly. Your task is to move the columns to point to the opposite side of the magic signs. The moonstone must illuminate the symbols, so you must move the columns to the other end of the circle.

This is how the columns should be positioned to open the entrance to the ruin.

The Solution: We summarize here how you can solve the moonstone puzzle.

  • Place the moonstone in the center of the platform.
  • Look at the entrance and discover the two symbols that the lines point to.
  • Find the symbols on the circle on the floor.
  • Turn the columns opposite each other to the position of the symbols.

This will illuminate the magic signs and open the entrance to the ruin.


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