Hogwarts Legacy: Rescuing Rococo, This is How it Works

Published: Aug. 23, 2023
Updated: Aug. 23, 2023

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"Rescuing Rococo" is a quest in Hogwarts Legacy. Finding the little niffler is not too easy and requires some brainpower as well as wizardry.

Here's the deal: As soon as you have completed the 32nd main mission, you can start the task "Rescuing Rococo" at the NPC Agnes Coffee. You can find the merchant in Bainburgh. She will ask you to return her Niffler to her. How and where you can find Rococo the Niffler and free him, we will show you in our guide.

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Here You Find Rococo in Hogwarts Legacy

Already at the beginning of the quest, during the conversation with Agnes Coffee, you will learn that Rococo can be found in Henrietta's Hideaway. You can easily find this place by following the quest marker. You can also activate the golden compass to be guided there directly.

1. Puzzle and Trap in Henrietta's Hideaway

As soon as you enter the dungeon, the first puzzle is waiting for you. You can use Revelio to make it visible. These are dice puzzles, where you have to place two cubes on the button designated for them and activate them with the correct spell. The first cube on the right side is already set. On it, you will find a symbol that tells you that you need to use the Glacius spell to activate the first button.

For the second cube, you have to run to the left side of the room to the statue. You can light the chalice in front of the statue with the Incendio spell to release the cube. Then place the cube on the second button with Wingaridium Leviosa or Accio and cast Incendio again. With this, you have completed the first puzzle and the gate opens.

Hogwarts Legacy Rococo Rätsel 1

After fighting several enemies, you'll have to cross a floor trap that keeps throwing you back to the ground. Using the spell Arresto Momentum, you can slow down the trap enough to cross it. You can also use Accio to pull the pot right behind it into the trap. This will give you enough time to walk through it. Afterward, several enemies will be waiting for you again.

Hogwarts Legacy Rococo Rätsel 2

2. Solve The Cube Puzzle And Complete The Quest

In the next cube puzzle, the procedure is the same as in the first room. However, you have to find both cubes first. The first cube is under the stairs on the right side. The wall there is not natural and disappears as soon as you approach it. Since you can only pass through the "wall" in one direction, you have to take the cube with Wingardium Leviosa into the puzzle room. Place the cube on the corresponding button and cast Incendio.

To activate the second button, you have to cast Wingardium Leviosa on it as soon as you have placed the second cube on it. You'll find this one if you run the same way again through the fake wall to the top of the staircase railing. If you look across the room to the other side, you can spot the cube there and use the levitation spell to bring it over to you.

Hogwarts Legacy Rococo Rätsel 3

In the now uncovered room not only the Niffler Rococo is waiting, but also a lot of gold and loot. Capture the Niffler and bring him back to Agnes Coffee. By doing this, you have completed the quest " Rescuing Rococo".

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