How to Find Large Dark Egg in Palworld

Published: Jan. 21, 2024
Updated: Jan. 22, 2024


Large Dark Egg is a rare item that you can get by exploring the world. When you find one, you can incubate it and after a certain time, a new Pal will appear and be added to your collection. We have spent many hours on researching and will tell you how to find Large Dark Egg in Palworld.

Content of the guide: Next, you will learn how to get and use Large Dark Egg in Palworld.

  • Where to find a Large Dark Egg.
  • How to use a Large Dark Egg.

Palworld: How to Get Large Dark Egg

Palworld: Large Dark Egg

Similar to chests and some resources, you can get a Large Dark Egg by simply finding it somewhere on the ground in the world. In general, you can find eggs of different sizes and elements, but in this case, it's quite difficult to do so due to the rarity of the item. Nevertheless, if you prefer to travel rather than stay at the base, your chances of finding it are much higher.

In our case, the egg was found not far from the Tower of the Rayne Syndicate, but it can spawn almost anywhere for you because it all depends on the RNG. To increase your chances, we recommend exploring locations and areas you have not been to before, making sure to thoroughly research every nook and cranny. It is not difficult to spot an egg, as they are all located in a small straw nest and have a different color depending on the type. The Large Dark Egg is colored dark purple with a pattern of red outlined circles, so it is quite easy to spot.

Palworld: How to Use Large Dark Egg

Palworld: Egg Incubator

Like other items of this type, you can place a Large Dark Egg in the Egg Incubator to hatch it. To do this, you will first need to build an Egg Incubator. This is an Ancient Technology, which you can unlock for 1 Ancient Technology Point in the Technology tab at level 7. When you do, you will need to gather the following resources to build it:

  • Ancient Civilization Parts x2
  • Cloth x5
  • Palladium Fragment x10
  • Stone x30

Once the Egg Incubator is built, you can interact with it to place an egg inside. After that, all you have to do is wait until the incubation period ends. Depending on the egg, this takes a different amount of time, in this case, it took 40 minutes. When the timer reaches zero, walk over to the Egg Incubator and press the interaction button to hatch the egg and get a new or existing Pal to your Paldeck collection. We can't say for sure if you'll get different Pals from each type of egg, but in our case, with the Large Dark Egg, Tombat was born, which was good news because we didn't meet it before.

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