How to Get the Legendary Bow Gontr Mael in Baldur's Gate 3

Published: Aug. 11, 2023
Updated: Nov. 07, 2023

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Since the game gives fans the opportunity to choose equipment among 31 types of weapons, most people get lost in such a large selection, but anyways, most prefer legendary weapons. So in this guide, you'll learn how to get the legendary bow Gontr Mael in Baldur's Gate 3.

This is a powerful weapon and it will be a universal choice for any of your journeys if any of your characters uses a bow. For this, you will have to kill a bunch of enemies and win a dice roll of 30.

BG3 Gontr Mael Legendary Bow Location

Follow the next steps:

  • The first thing you need to do to be able to get the bow is to get to the Steel Watch Foundry, which is located at the following coordinates: X: -292, Y: -172. As soon as you get to the entrance, you will need to lockpick the door.

BG3: map

  • When you open the door, you'll see a cutscene where Black Gauntlet Tamia Holzt talks to Gondian Lowa and swears to kill her and her family if she doesn't do her job perfectly.
  • Once the cutscene is over, move on to find Gondian Zanner Tobin. He is located quite nearby, at the following coordinates: X: -329, Y: -161. All you need to do is turn left from the entrance to the Steel Watch Foundry and go straight to open the door with the lockpick again. But if you killed the enemies, you can loot them and open the door with the key.
  • Talk to Gondian Zanner Tobin to learn about the tragic history of his people and how they are exploited for labor with threats to kill their families. You promise to help him, in exchange for them destroying Steel Watch. This part of the quest is very important because now you can go to the Foundry's lower levels, which is one step closer to the bow.
  • Now you'll need to go down the stairs right next to Gondian Zanner Tobin to find the Steel Watcher Titan. It's not that easy, and you won't encounter an opponent right away, there will be a path full of enemies waiting for you, so we recommend that you restore your life and spells before going there.
  • Kill all the enemies and go to the locked door at the following coordinates: X: -1959, Y: 454. The next door you will have to open requires a dice roll of 30, so we recommend saving the game before you try to open it. But again, you can kill all the enemies and get the key again.
  • Finally, when you enter the door, you will find yourself in the Antechamber Control Center where you will meet Steel Watcher Titan and Hellfire Watchers, who will help him. Defeat the enemies and then loot the Steel Watcher Titan to get the Legendary Bow Gontr Mael in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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