How to Get The Orphic Hammer in Baldur's Gate 3

Published: Aug. 09, 2023
Updated: Aug. 16, 2023

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If you want to increase your arsenal of legendary weapons in Baldur's Gate 3, you'll need to try really hard. And in this guide, you will learn how to get the legendary Orphic Hammer in Baldur's Gate 3.

Just like any other legendary weapon, the Orphic Hammer has unique effects and is not easy to find. If this weapon is the best fit for your playstyle, then keep reading, as below we will tell you how you can get it.

Where to Find The Orphic Hammer Legendary BG3

Orphic Hammer Legendary BG3

This legendary weapon will become available to you as you progress through Raphael's quest line. In Act 3, you'll have a rather long dialog where he offers you the Orphic Hammer in exchange for the Crown of Karsus. You can either sign the deal or refuse, we recommend choosing the second option.

After this, in order to get the Orphic Hammer, you will need to find it by visiting the House of Hope and following a few steps. Below, we will describe how to get to and obtain this legendary weapon.

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Search for Orphic Hammer at House of Hope in Baldur's Gate 3

Before you can go in search of the Orphic Hammer, you'll need to get to House of Hope, and here's how to do it:

  • During Act 3 you can find Mammon in a house in the lower city in the northwest area, so just go there.
  • After talking to her, you'll find out that she can help you get into Raphael's lair, namely the House of Hope, but everything comes at a price, and she needs 10,000 gold coins. But don't worry, if you make a persuasion check, the price can go down to 1,000.
  • After agreeing with her, she will give you a book with instructions, after which you can do the ritual to go to hell. After it is done, you can now enter the House of Hope.

When you get to the location, you'll notice that no one will attack you, and that's because Hope's spirit is helping you in exchange for freeing her later. Now, to get the Orphic Hammer, you'll need to follow these steps:

  • Go to the archive and talk to the archivist to get a pass to Raphael's bedroom.
  • When you approach the bedroom you will meet an incubus. If you fail the check, select the "Give you my body" option, otherwise, the game will end.
  • When everything goes well, the incubus will tell you the password that you need to get the hammer.
  • Now return to the archive and say the keyword to unlock the magic around the Orphic Hammer. Done, you can now take it.

Keep in mind that as soon as you pick up The Orphic Hammer in Baldur's Gate 3, all the enemy creatures will start attacking you, so prepare carefully before doing so. And if you want to read more guides, here we have an article on how to get Legendary Selune’s Spear of Night and Shar’s Spear of Evening in Baldur’s Gate 3, make sure to check it out!

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