Nightingale: How to Build and Move Workstations

Published: Apr. 12, 2024
Updated: May. 19, 2024


Workstations are key to progress in any survival game, so you'll often need to build and move them. We've already played a few dozen hours of the game, so we can tell you all the hotkeys that will help you set up workstations into your base in Nightingale.

Contents of the Guide: In this guide, you will learn how to move and build workstations in Nightingale.

  • You need to build different workstations to be able to build all the necessary items in Nightingale.
  • You can build them with different resources anywhere in your base after unlocking the blueprint.
  • After you've built a workstation, you can move it by hovering over it and pressing X. You can copy the workstation with the Q-button, move it with R, and remove it with V.

How to Move and Build Workstations in Nightingale

Workstation Nightingale

One of many workstations you can build in the game.

To build a workstation, press B. On the left, you'll see various structures organized by category. Under the Crafting tabs are workstations. Go to one of them, select the desired workstation, and click Place. After that, you will see a schematic of the workstation you can place on your base.

To rotate the workstation, click the mouse wheel, to determine the height, hold down the mouse wheel and move it up or down. Once everything is ready, click the left mouse button to place the schematic. After that, to complete the construction, hover over it and press E to Auto-Add Resources. You can also hold down E and use the Copy, Move, and Deconstruct options to change something.

If you have already built a workstation, hover over it and press X. After that, press Q to copy the item, R to move it, and V to remove it. If you remove it, you will get the resources spent on crafting.

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