Starfield: How to Complete the Mission "Guilty Parties"

Published: Sep. 17, 2023
Updated: Feb. 19, 2024

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In the Starfield mission "Guilty Parties," your task is to find a mole within the organization for Ryujin Industries. This guide shows where to find the suspect, Imogene.

How to complete the faction quest "Guilty Parties" (TLDR):

  • Speak with Yuko at the entrance of Ryujin Industries. You'll learn that Imogene might be found at "Frankie's Grab & Go."
  • Talk there with Dalton, who will then send you to Benjamin Bayu in the Astral Lounge.
  • Do him a favor or persuade him to reveal Imogene's hiding place.
  • Speak again with Frankie and get the Seokga Syndicate's keycard. Then simply follow the mission marker.

"Guilty Parties" in Starfield: Find Imogene

Dalton wants you to find Imogene as part of the quest "Guilty Parties" to interrogate her at length. There seems to be a mole within the organization that needs to be exposed. At first, you'll notice that Imogene isn't in her office.

Outside the entrance, you can talk to Yuko, from whom you'll learn that you need to look at Frankie's Grab & Go. The store is a front for the Seokguh Syndicate. You then get the optional quest objective to speak with Dalton, who instructs you to first contact Benjamin Bayu, the "boss" of the syndicate.

EN Starfield Guilty Parties Quest 3

Benjamin is located in the Astral Lounge in the Trade Tower. Take the elevator to the VIP balcony and go to cabin number four. Bayu will get you access to Imogene's hideout, either by persuasion or by a favor.

In the next optional mission section, which you should follow, you have to find Frankie at Frankie's Grab & Go. From here, you will get the keycard of the Seokguh Syndicate. If Frankie doesn't give you the card willingly, you can either take it from her by force (difficult and risky, as there are many onlookers) or go to the roof and pick the lock on the ventilation shaft there. This will also lead you to the heart of the syndicate.

EN Starfield Guilty Parties Quest 4

The mission marker will lead you directly to Imogene. It's best to ignore all syndicate members and run directly to Imogene to avoid enemies along the way.

Possible Endings for "Guilty Parties"

Once you find Imogene, she will tell you that Ularu is the mole and that she was framed by him. She will even hand you proof of her innocence. Now it is up to you whether Imogene is allowed to live or suffer death.

EN Starfield Guilty Parties Imogene

On your way back to Ryujin Tower, you are free to talk to Ularu first before reporting to Dalton. The conversation with the real mole can end in different ways:

  • You can kill Ularu. But then Dalton will make sure that you are hunted.
  • If you take Ularu's side, Imogene will be in danger because she is a threat to Ularu.
  • You can let Ularu live and tell Dalton the truth. With this alternative, everything will end up as it was in the beginning.

After one last conversation with Dalton, the "Guilty Parties" mission in Starfield is finally over. However, keep in mind that a previous conversation with Ulaur will affect the dialogue options with Dalton. As a reward, you'll get several med packs, 4,800 credits, and 250 experience points.

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