Tarkov Players don’t Understand the New Event & Hold Up Progress with It

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The current event in Escape From Tarkov is ignored by many players, even though that is hardly possible. The event literally forces participation, which many players refuse to do, but don’t understand that participation will bring back their old Tarkov.

What’s going on? Yesterday a new event started in Escape From Tarkov. The event currently ensures that almost all traders in the game are locked. Only the Trader Fence remains. The players’ mission is clear: collect money and give it to the ominous new trader. The mission has been misunderstood or rejected by so many players that even chief developer Nikita Buyanov is surprised.

Players reject Tarkov event: but who helps, speeds it up

What is this event? After a poll on Twitter, developer Battlestate Games had namely removed all traders from the game. It should be said that this event was planned for a long time and did not result from the survey. Lore-wise, we know that the merchants of Tarkov are going underground. The reason for this surprising escape is the new trader Lightkeeper. This guy comes as the first in-raid trader to the Tarkov map Lighthouse.  The task now is to collect money, and a hell of a lot of it.

How much money will be collected? In total, together with the rest of the community, you should collect 1.5 trillion rubles (about 20 billion euros). So far, all players together have donated about 380 billion rubles. The total can be seen on the developer’s website. This is where many players hook in and complain about giving away their earned money.

Currently collected Money.

What is the problem? Currently, some fans fear that the goal of 1.5 trillion rubles within 5 days can not be achieved. The reason they give is that not every player helps and many prefer to bury their heads in the sand. Even chief developer Nikita Buyanov tweets a GIF about his astonishment.

At the same time, all Tarkov players will benefit from participating in the event: For one, the new update, as well as the next step for Lightkeeper, will be unlocked. On the other hand, the current Tarkov event will also end faster, the more players participate in the money. And it’s not as difficult as it sounds. Various discussions are already taking place on reddit.com as well.

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How to quickly collect money for the Tarkov Cash Event:

There are several ways you can get money quickly now to help the community complete the event task. First, you can deduct the money from your savings and donate it. Players with less money won’t be helped by this tip, though, so:

  • Loot Shop Cash: With the start of the current event in Tarkov, there were also some buffs as far as loot is concerned. Among other things, you can currently find far more money in cash registers than before.
  • Search High-Loot Places: Graphics cards, bitcoins, sugar and co. still have an increased spawn rate in the coming days until the event ends. So search the usual places and enjoy the rain of money.

What do you think? The gaming community is divided and while many fans are happy about the event, others are against it with every hair. Which side do you see yourself on and do you think the Tarkov event turned out well or poorly?



  1. It’s not that we don’t understand the event. It’s that we refuse to participate in such utter horse dung. You say that participating is the only way to get the old tarkov back, I disagree… If enough of the player base outright stopped playing, that too would get us back to the way it was. This event is just a bad idea, they should have thought about it a bit more before they shot themselves in the foot.

  2. Oh this is cute. Yeah, no. The problem isn’t player ignorance, at least not for me. The “problem” is that devs took away my video game, my planned leisure activity for after work, and are holding it for ransom. They are literally holding something I want for ransom. The thing held for ransom is a game a game I’ve enjoy playing (the replacement is unrewarding) – and the ransom payment is time and being forced to do something I don’t want to do, to play a new game that isn’t fun. I’m not going to dance your stupid dance. I’m a customer, and you just told me I need to eat a pound of celery before I can get the meal I ordered. I say “go to hell,” I’d rather go hungry than give you what you want. I didn’t come here to be jerked around. I am not the game. There are ways this whole thing could have been handled that would have gotten me to participate – but the disingenuous arguments (a bs player “poll” making it look like a choice – they admit to always planning on doing it) and the clear disrespect of players (dev posts literally calling players spoiled – imagine a restaurant where you get a bad meal and the owners call you spoiled) definitely justify responding with a big ole middle finger.


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