Arma Reforger: New Update brings Mines & Placement System

Published: May. 11, 2023
Updated: May. 11, 2023

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Arma Reforger is getting another update, and it brings vehicle mines and a big new addition to the Arma series.

The update at a glance: With the latest update to Arma Reforger, the developers are building on the added innovations of the latest patch. Most recently, they introduced a new particle system and improved destructible environments. With the new vehicle mines, you can finally put both to the acid test. There's also a new placement system that's more exciting than you think. Additionally, countless bugs and errors have been removed and some more surprises await you as well.

Here's what's in Arma Reforger Update (May 11, 2023)

New mines: In the latest update to Arma Reforger, there are handily the new mines. You can place these on the ground with a fancy animation to destroy enemy vehicles. In addition, you can also set up signs that warn of the coming minefield. Thanks to the latest update, you can feel the new particle effects and powerful explosions here.

New placement system: This is where the update gets really exciting. You can now place all the items you carry around in your inventory. In return, you get a transparent blue preview for the place where the item will finally be placed. This may not be a groundbreaking invention by the developers, but it is a long-needed feature for Arma. In the currently improving DayZ mod of Arma Reforger, this could be used to implement a base building system that is much more detailed and detailed than that of DayZ itself.


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You can find the complete patch notes on the Steam page of Arma Reforger. Translating the 300+ changes would take an extremely long time. We hope you understand!

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