Arma Reforger: VFX Update improves Destructible Environment & Particles

Published: Mar. 23, 2023
Updated: Mar. 23, 2023

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A new update for Arma Reforger is just around the corner and brings countless improvements for the graphics and technology of the game.

Here's what's in the update: Arma Reforger will get a new update on March 23rd, which will especially improve the physics, particle effects, lighting, and especially the destructible environment of the military simulation.

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All content in the new VFX update of Arma Reforger

The last update (Ground Support) brought us new assets & toys. You won't find any tangible content in the current Arma Reforger patch notes. The helicopters are not ready yet and the X is still waiting. But you will get a great update, which improves the following aspects of the technology:

  • Destructible environments
  • Improved lighting effects and volumetric lighting
  • Physically calculated particle effects and debris.

Improved Destructible Environments in Reforger

In the trailer, for the VFX update of Arma Reforger we can marvel at the improved and new destructible objects. For example, here a wheeled tank of the USSR crashes through a brick wall and rams the fragments physically correct to the side. Individual fragments can also get stuck on the vehicles. This is proven by a UAZ that rudely crashes through the fence of a front garden and steals the good fence wood on the hood.

Improved lighting effects

The new particle-based lighting system from the VFX update should act as a foundation for future updates. Light is now also based on physically correct calculation and interacts with the environment and other particle effects like smoke or fog. Smoke from fire or flashlight light in the fog, scatter realistically and provide a denser atmosphere.

New and improved particle effects in the VFX update.

For the real Battlefield - sorry - Arma moment, the right noise and boom is still missing. The latest update brings just that and makes the ammunition whipping through the air, puncturing windows and masonry, look even more massive.

Grenades no longer just send shreds flying, but sparks as well. The impact of bullets swirls up dust and splinters. Shattering windows cause glass to rain down on you, the shards of which bounce back to objects in the environment or stay there, physically correct. Until you're crouching in a sea of shards. At least for a few seconds, because the particle effects, as beautiful as they are, disappear after a short time. This is how the developers save important hardware resources. But let's let the entire video speak for itself:


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What's next for Arma Reforger in 2023?

Arma Reforger will receive a total of 3 major content updates and several smaller technical patches over the course of 2023. The latter will also include the VFX update. In terms of content updates, there has been the Ground Support update so far. This patch brought us the new map Arland, new game modes and weapons.

In the Arma Roadmap for 2023, you can find all upcoming updates already listed with content. Basically, until the completion of Arma Reforger, you can roughly expect the following:

  • Ground Combat Update
  • Airspace update - helicopters, equipment & power grid
  • Final Strike - New vehicles, like tanks, explosives and New base system.

As mentioned above, you can find a lot more details in the Reforger roadmap linked above.

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