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DayZ: How Brian Hicks failed to develop the survival game

DayZ's development was turbulent. Former executive producer Brian Hicks shares what happened behind the scenes.

DayZ 1.14 Weapons Analysis: All about the Le Mas “FAMAS”

DayZ 1.14 introduces a new weapon, the Le Mas - better known as FAMAS. We tell you in our weapon analysis what the FAMAS can do.

Rust Twitch Drops in September 2021! These Are The 10 New Items

This article is always up-to-date and shows you the latest Rust Twitch Drops, who they are from, where and how you can get them!

Taviana The Origins: That’s why fans are losing interest in the DayZ Origins Standalone

Once the most popular DayZ Mod, Origins was able to inspire hundreds of thousands of players, but the standalone Taviana The Origins hardly inspires anyone. We try to figure out: Why is that? Dwindling interest:...

Most Promising Zombie Games in Releasing 2021/22 – PC & Console

Some high-profile zombie games await us in 2021 and 2022. We have created a list that summarizes the best and that we of course update regularly! Zombies remain: Zombies are the only classic horror opponents...

Hunt Showdown Easter Eggs on DeSalle – Shrek, Forrest Gump & more

The new Hunt Showdown Map "DeSalle" can already be played on the PC test servers and is bursting with Easter eggs. We have put together all of the Easter Eggs that we and the...

How good is DayZ on PlayStation & Xbox in 2021?

Owners of a Playstation or Xbox are still wondering whether it is even worth buying DayZ for them. And the answer is as expected: It depends. Should you strike? To this day, many PlayStation or...

All Games of E3 2021 With Release Date, Platform & Genre

If you haven't been able to see all the E3 shows and games due to the late start times in this country, don't worry, we have a complete list of all the games that...

The Best Star Citizen Alternatives – Here They Are & They Are Great

Star Citizen has been in the works for years and a release is still a long way off, so today we're going to show you the best alternatives for Star Citizen, of which there...

Battlefield 6 Full-Length Trailer Leaked On Twitter – Real Or Not?

The Twitter user and data miner Nanikos posted a tweet in which he published allegedly the entire Battlefield 6 trailer, and doesn't just look real it contains everything Leakers were talking about! What happened? On...