Ark Player Builds Millennium Falcon From Star Wars! That is its Base

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An Ark Survival Evolved player has recreated the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars in incredible detail as a base. Compared to the version from Valheim, it looks even more believable thanks to Tek components!

So creative! The community of Survival Games and especially Ark Survival Evolved shows again and again what creativity it is. Now dedicated Ark fans have teamed up to recreate the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars. And the result is perfect!

This is what the Millennium Falcon looks like in Ark Survival Evolved

Thanks Tek! No matter what some players think of the Tek elements in Ark Survival Evolved, they have been used exactly right here. Without them, YouTuber’s Captain Fatdog’s Millennium Falcon would only look half as good. You can get a little comparison by looking at this version of a Valheim player’s mad hawk. But chatting enough, it’s best to just take a look for yourself:


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