DayZ Easter Egg is a Pokéball! This is how the Eggsperimental capsule works

Published: Apr. 15, 2021
Updated: Apr. 15, 2021

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The DayZ Update 1.12 not only brought a lot of new content, it also gave players an Easter egg called Eggsperimental Capsule (we refer to it as Egg Capsule), the purpose of which has remained hidden from many players to this day.

Hidden for a long time: Even a few weeks after the start of Update 1.12 for DayZ, many still do not understand what the mysterious egg capsule in DayZ is all about. That's why we're going to explain to you in this post that it's a lot crazier than you think.

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The Eggsperimental Capsule is a Pokéball!

Incredible feature: We couldn't believe our eyes when, while researching the Easter egg capsule in DayZ, we came across the real function of the painted Easter fun. A video on Youtube shows that the purpose of this ice cream is to catch living things and then release them.

Why did DayZ need that, you ask yourself? We don't know that either, but we are thrilled that the development team is implementing such jokes in the otherwise serious and gloomy survival game. But how exactly does the Easter egg capsule work?


How to use the Easter egg capsule in DayZ

To use the egg in DayZ, all you have to do is throw it at an animal or zombie. If you hit your target or throw the capsule in its immediate vicinity, the egg will catch the animal or zombie. Throwing the Easter egg capsule again ensures that you release your prisoner again.

Even if that sounds like a lot of fun at first, you can certainly cause damage with it. Just imagine catching a wolf and throwing it into ambush near other players. The perfect moment of surprise in the form of a Pokée ice cream!

The Easter egg capsule is even more powerful if you catch a bear and use it as a siege weapon. A base that you absolutely cannot get into? Then throw the bear over the fence and wait until the players inside see no other way out than to escape from the base.


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Is that cool? Now it's your turn, do you like the Eggsperimental Capsule or Easter egg capsule in DayZ or does it break the game for you? No matter where exactly your opinion is on this spectrum, write us a comment and discuss with us.

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daniel devereux

Just found one and couldn't figure out what it was about, thanks for the info 🙂

Sascha Asendorf

You're welcome 🙂

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