DayZ: Developers Share Roadmap for Updates in 2022

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The developers of DayZ share their roadmap and plans for 2022 and beyond in an official post. We summarize the most important information.

Why the last update was so small: The current update 1.16 for DayZ only brought a weapon and an alarm clock. Otherwise, the developers focused more on stability and bug fixes. Fans already feared that the updates in 2022 will also be smaller. In an official post on the DayZ website, the team now shares how many DayZ updates you can expect in 2022 and gives a preview of the content.

DayZ Roadmap: This content awaits you in 2022

How many updates are coming in 2022? Over the course of the year, five more DayZ updates will be released. They will bring new items, assets, improve the phsyics and give players more tools to experience the sandbox. Exactly the following content awaits you in DayZ 2022:

Maps will be reworked: The DLC map Livonia will be reworked in 2022. Currently, Livonia offers only a few points of interest, i.e. places on the map that attract players. A lot of forest and fields dominate at the moment. In the future, the team wants to make the map more lively and fill it with new assets.

New objects: DayZ should get more tangible content in 2022. The team is now cranking up the production of assets (objects in the game). Among other things, there should be even more items and assets that meaningfully expand DayZ’s sandbox. Players will also be given more options to interact with other players and the environment. New assets can mean the following:

  • New vehicles
  • Buildings
  • Crafting materials and craftable items
  • Zombies
  • Clothes
  • Weapons

DayZ gets a real story: The story around Hannah will be expanded. Hannah is the woman from the trailers of DayZ, who appears every now and then in update teasers. Developer Bohemia Interactive now wants to expand this story. The story is to be spread both in the game DayZ and through various other media. What exactly we can expect, however, is not clear.

New weapons in DayZ: In 2022, at least one new weapon will be released with every DayZ update. This year, however, there will be far more civilian weapons and fewer military weapons. Instead of M4A1 or AK variants, you will rather get hunting rifles, shotguns or pistols in 2022. Weapons from the Legacy version of DayZ (before update 0.62) are also expected to find their way back into DayZ.

Better vehicles, thanks to new physics: 2022 should fix the problems with the vehicles. The developers are currently working on adding the new vehicle simulation from the new Enfusion Engine to DayZ. Glitching, jerking or airborne vehicles could thus finally say goodbye. The first tests for the new physics should start in a few weeks.

Further, changes in 2022:

  • Controller controls to be improved. Players will have more control over button mapping and sensitivity.
  • Seasonal events are returning. Easter, Christmas, Walpurgis Night and Halloween, among others.
  • The technology should always be up-to-date, but old hardware and last-gen consoles will not be forgotten, the developers promise.

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