Fallout 76 finally increases storage crate space and improves inventory

Published: Jan. 27, 2021
Updated: Sep. 20, 2023


A new update to the survival MMO Fallout 76 finally increases the capacity of the storage box, improves the inventory and the user interface. We have the patch notes.

What's new: On January 26th, Bethesda released a new update for the survival MMO Fallout 76. The highlights of the update are:

  • Increased the storage crate capacity from 800 to 1,200
  • Three new inventory tabs "New", "Armor" and "Food/Drink" to filter or sort your inventory properly
  • Item stacks now show the correct total weight
  • Tooltips on the map show how many Legendary 1-, 2-, and 3-star items are in other players' vending machines

This is how big the patch is: The update is about 5 GB. Only the Steam version is a bit more compact with 2 GB.

  • PC (Bethesda.net): (1,6 GB)
  • PC (Microsoft Store): (5,0 GB)
  • PC (Steam): (2,0 GB)
  • PlayStation 4: (4,2 GB)
  • Xbox One: (4,8 GB)

The Patch notes for Fallout 76


  • Settler Forager: Corrected missing player dialog options for Settler Forager.


  • Apparel: Fixed texture issues with the Samurai Helmet.
  • Apparel: Reduced the gap between the Deep Cave Hunter Backpack and the player’s back.
  • Apparel: The Pip-Boy light no longer shines behind the player in the Brotherhood Recon Helmet.
  • Apparel: Fixed a texture issue with the Fasnacht Beret.
  • Décor: Updated the explosion seen when destroying Wrapped Presents.
  • Décor: The flame on Skull Candles no longer appears offset from the wick.
  • Items: Updated the explosion effects when destroying Mr. Handy Fuel and Portable Fuel Tanks.
  • Lights: Yellow lighting effects no longer persist after the Color Wheel has been turned off.
  • Lights: Adjusted the lighting on the “Kill, Laugh, Love” Sign so that the word “Laugh” is no longer too bright.
  • Power Armor: Headlamps no longer shine in an incorrect direction when wearing a T-65 Power Armor Helmet that has paint applied.
  • Power Armor: Addressed missing textures and reduced clipping issues with the Captain Cosmos Power Armor.
  • Power Armor: War Rider Power Armor now properly protects the player’s posterior.
  • Vending Machines: Adjusted the explosion when destroying the Slocum’s Joe Vending Machine.
  • Weapons: Mind over Matter’s visual effects no longer appear to come from the player’s shoulder in third-person view.


  • Exploit: Addressed an exploit affecting item storage in the Stash box.
  • Shelters: It is now easier to place structures, like the Seedy Shed, Backwoods Bungalow, and others inside a Shelter, as long as there is enough space to do so.
  • Stairs: Stairs can now snap to the front of the Brotherhood of Steel Scout Tower.
  • Super Mutant Tube: Players can no longer get stuck inside the Super Mutant Tube while building it.


  • World: The “Discover Beckley” subchallenge for the “Discover Locales in the Ash Heap” Challenge can now be completed.


  • Rewards: Fixed an issue that could result in no rare reward being granted if the item the player would have received was a non-tradeable item Plan that they had already learned. Now, players will always receive a reward when this occurs.
  • Operation Report: Addressed a visual issue that could incorrectly mark reward tiers as already earned in the Daily Ops Operation Report.
    • Please Note: Daily Ops rewards reset at 12:00 p.m. ET each day.


  • Rad Worms: Rad Worms now only increase Radiation damage taken from consuming food and drinks.


  • Spawning: Fixed an issue causing enemies to sometimes spawn grouped together at an incorrect location.
  • Giant Hermit Crabs: Players can no longer clip through Giant Hermit Crabs.


  • Apparel: The Feral Ghoul Mask and Cuddles the Clown Mask no longer obscure the Pip-Boy light.
  • Apparel: The Plague Doctor Mask now correctly states that it prevents air borne diseases.
  • Apparel: The Swamp Camo Hazmat Suit can now be repaired.
  • Armor: Raider Armor now correctly works with the Funky Duds and Sizzling Style Legendary Perks.
  • Armor: Recon Armor now correctly adjusts to the players body style.
  • Flora: Thistle now correctly turns into Irradiated Thistle when nuked. Irradiated Thistle can now be harvested for Raw Fluorescent Flux.
  • Magazines: Fixed an issue causing “Live & Love 8” to cancel out the Very Well Rested bonus from a fourth Lunchbox.
  • Magazines: The “Astonishingly Awesome Tales 3” bonus has been changed to allows the player to breathe underwater and regain health while swimming.
  • Mods: Weapons with mods that add fire damage, as the War Glaive with the Flaming Blade mod, now work with the Friendly Fire Perk.
  • Mods: The Heating Coil mod now correctly states that it deals fire damage.
  • Mods: Applying Brawler Armor mods to Brotherhood Recon Armor arm pieces now boosts unarmed damage by 7.5% each.
  • Mods: The Reduced Ammo Weight Legendary effect now correctly reduces explosive ammo weight.
  • Mods: Adding Pocketed mods to a Boiled Leather Chest Piece no longer incorrectly increases the item’s durability.
  • Plans: Fixed an issue that caused players to unlearn Plans for Lawn Flamingos and Wooden Desks.
  • Power Armor: The Targeting HUD mod now only highlights hostile targets.
  • Power Armor: The Explosive Vents mod has been renamed “Cooling Vents.” Cooling Vents slow Fusion Core drain by 5%.
  • Weapons: Fixed an issue where certain weapons that shoot multiple projectiles were taking too much condition damage.
  • Weapons: The Crusader Pistol Reflex sights no longer appear distorted when the Pyro receiver is equipped.
  • Weapons: The Stabilized Bull Barrel now correctly counts towards mods learned on the .44.
  • Weapons: Baton that has paint or skin applied can now be changed back to their default appearance.
  • Weapons: Changed the Plasma Cutter’s speed description to Medium.
  • Weapons: Crossbows can now be changed back to their standard frame.
  • Weapons: Players can now correctly reapply the Wounding mod to a Bone Club after switching it to No Upgrade.


  • Plague Walker: The Plague Walker Mutation's description no longer incorrectly states that it removes Disease durations. This was only a description change, the Mutation's functionality has not been adjusted.


  • Brotherhood: Brotherhood of Steel Hopefuls and Initiates will no longer take damage when nuked.
  • Brotherhood: NPCs will no longer say hello to the player while they are talking to Russell Dorsey.
  • Brotherhood: Addressed dialogue issues with NPCs during “Property Rights.”
  • Putnam Brothers: Now have appropriate dialog if neither were recruited to Fort Atlas when the player revisits them.
  • Settlers: Fixed the collision on Settlers at East Mountain Lookout Tower.
  • Scribe Valdez: No longer comments on documents players have already collected during Mother of Invention.
  • Scribe Valdez: Fixed an issue that prevented Valdez from playing certain voice lines during “Mother of Invention.”
  • Scribe Valdez: Valdez's clipboard will no longer clip through her while in a downed animation.
  • Vendors: The Flatwoods Vendor will no longer sometimes appear invisible to players.


  • Client Stability: Fixed multiple crashes that could occur during combat.
  • Client Stability: Addressed a crash that could occur while scrolling the Notes tab in the Pip-Boy.
  • Connectivity: Fixed an issue that could cause PC players to receive a “Disconnected due to modified game files” error during normal gameplay and kick them from their current world.
  • Server Stability: Addressed an issue that could cause a server crash.
  • Performance: Addressed an issue that could cause the game client to hitch while viewing the Aid tab in the Pip-Boy.
  • Performance: Addressed an issue that could cause the game client to hitch when sorting the Pip-Boy by spoil.
  • Performance: Fixed an issue that could result in framerate drops inside Fort Atlas.


  • Dodgy: Now has a 2-second cooldown on AP drain. The damage reduction is still active during the AP cooldown. This prevents players’ AP from completely draining when hit by a high rate of fire weapons.
  • Friendly Fire: The health regeneration effects from Friendly Fire no longer stack, but heal faster. This makes it so all weapons heal at the same rate.
  • Stabilized: Fixed an issue that prevented Stabilized from working correctly while wearing Power Armor.
  • Super Duper: Fanfare and sound effects no longer incorrectly play when crafting Legendary Items.


  • Disarming Discovery: Dagger will no longer attempt to talk to the player if they are in the shed.
  • Disarming Discovery: Dagger’s Key will no longer reappear on her corpse after logging out and back in if the player has already looted it.
  • Dogwood Die Off: Fixed an issue where the quest target does not appear correctly on the trunk.
  • Fasnacht Day: Players will now correctly earn a three-star legendary item upon event completion.
  • Fasnacht Day: Super Mutant Suiciders will no longer continue to spawn after Fasnacht ends.
  • Fasnacht Day: Addressed an issue that could cause the Master of Ceremonies to spawn outside of the event area.
  • Fasnacht Day: The Robotics Expert Perk can no longer be used to Hack the Parade Marcher bots.
  • Fasnacht Day: Looting Porcelain Steins during the Fasnacht Day event no longer prevents players from picking up additional Porcelain Steins during the next Fasnacht on that same world.
  • Field Testing: The Putnam parents are now more visible during the intro scene.
  • Field Testing: Fixed a rare issue that could cause the player to see a blank dialogue box when speaking with Paladin Rahmani.
  • Forbidden Knowledge: Addressed several issues affecting Forbidden Knowledge and Technical Data, and this quest has been re-enabled.
    • Please Note: Technical Data can no longer be dropped, traded, or Sold.
  • Mother of Invention: The Mysterious Component now remains a quest item after relogging.
  • Mother of Invention: The bag of dirt in the Ultracite Battery housing will no longer disappear when the player returns to the instance.
  • Mother of Invention: Addressed an issue that could cause Scribe Valdez to not fight back when attacked by enemies.
  • Mother of Invention: The Mysterious Component in “Mother of Invention” will now display an inventory message when the player extracts it.
  • Mother of Invention: Addressed a lore continuity issue in Rahmani and Shin’s dialogue regarding Paladin Taggerdy.
  • Over and Out: The animation of the transmitter getting destroyed no longer plays prematurely.
  • Overseer, Overseen: Dialogue and quest will now progress appropriately when returning the security footage to Head Engineer Brass.
  • The Best Defense: A quest target now correctly points to Paladin Rahmani after being directed to speak with the Brotherhood upstairs.
  • The Best Defense: Fixed an issue that could cause more enemy waves to spawn than intended during the quest’s final encounter.
  • Trade Secrets: The quest marker to collect the Pip-Boy Construction kit now consistently points to Vault-Tec University.


  • Scoreboard: Entering the Scoreboard quickly no longer causes the sound to disappear.


  • Atomic Shop: Once owned, the Brotherhood of Steel Icon now correctly appears in the Player Icons page in the Atomic Shop.
  • Fast Travel: Added an error message when trying to fast travel to a C.A.M.P. that the player is too close to.
  • Map: Fixed an issue where the map could be opened while viewing a terminal.
  • Map: Fixed a rare issue that could cause item counts in a player’s Vending Machine preview on the Map to mismatch the number of items in that Vending Machine.
  • Notifications: Fixed an issue where fanfare would sometimes not play after completing a timed challenge.
  • Perk Coins: Fixed a visual issue that could cause the player’s Perk Coin total to display an incorrect number of Perk Coins after scrapping Perk Cards.
  • Pip-Boy: Items with long names are no longer cut off in the Pip-Boy.
  • Quests: Fixed an issue causing the “Forging Trust” objective tracker to remain on the screen after the quest was completed.
  • Scoreboard: Fallout 1st exclusive rewards are now claimed separately from standard rewards on the Scoreboard.
  • Social Menu: Improved mouse controls on pop-ups in the social menu.
  • Teams: The Team UI will no longer flash while repairing items at a workbench.


  • World: Fixed several locations in the world where players could become stuck.
  • World: Fixed several locations where players could view out of the world.
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