Frostpunk - Survive in two additional Scenarios

Published: Apr. 24, 2018
Updated: Dec. 10, 2023


While we were playing the preview build of Frostpunk, 11-bit Studios revealed the additional scenario's the full game has to offer. But, what exactly are these scenarios?

Protect at all cost

Both scenarios will challenge your leadership in different aspects and give you a new survival experience as both scenarios have their own map and story. The first scenario is called The Arks, in here you will have a limited amount of people, leaving you with no other choice then to use automatons. The generator is located in a ravine this time and your job is to build a working city around the Ark to protect the seedlings. When the winter ends, these seedlings can be used to restore the earth.

''We've been chosen to safeguard a priceless treasure – the seeds and seedlings of plants from all over the world. They've been deposited in Seedling Arks to stop them from freezing. but it falls to us to build a city to protect these precious buildings until the winter ends.however long that may be.''

Survive together

The second scenario is a totally different one called Refugees. As the name might suggest you will have to build a city that is heavily expanding because of the incoming refugees. In this particular scenario, the city needs to deal with social stratification and unrest. Just as the Ark the generator stands in a sort of ravine.

‘We were condemned to die with the rest of the common folk when London was destroyed. But we rose up. We commandeered the ships that were meant to carry the wealthy to safety and sailed north. Here we found a Generator and claimed it for ourselves.''

Frostpunk will release on April 24th at 3 PM CET. Yet, the journey of Frostpunk hasn't ended yet as the developers are planning to keep it updated. In addition, mod support might be added in the future.

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