PUBG - Spectacular Frying Pan Kill

Published: Dec. 20, 2020
Updated: Jan. 29, 2024


There are many ways to defeat your opponents in PUBG. Cars, guns, and ... frying pans. What at first sounds like a bad joke has been delighting the community for some time.

That's what happened: With its umpteen different rifles, pistols, and wheeled vehicles, PUBG already offers more than enough options to let enemies count the radishes from below. The inconspicuous frying pan, however, always seems to be good for a kill. This is also the case in the most recent case, in which the player SKATEric was able to score an absolutely spectacular kill with this pan:

True to the motto “all good things come from above”, he skips his opponent and throws the pan around his ears with a good swing. Even the helmet didn't help much, a frying pan like that can massage your skull properly. Above all, the excellent rotation in the air makes this kill a real eye-catcher.

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What the community says about it: The community also seems to like this campaign very much.

  • For example, DuzyTurtle writes: “That was sick. Nice pan throw lmao ”.
  • Other comments like "Hahaha well done bro"
  • or "Insane" round off the positive feedback.

You can see that such special kills are always very well received in the community and stimulate discussion long after the release.

Up until now, I have never been able to bring about such a cool action. I'm happy if I can defend myself with normal rifles. But how about you Have you already knocked someone out on the frying pan so badly that your kill counter has increased by one? Feel free to tell us in the comments.

Sascha Asendorf is the co-founder of and has been running online magazines in the gaming sector since 2013. Starting with a strong focus on survival games, Sascha now deals a lot with role-playing games and is an expert on survival and RPG titles like Conan Exiles, Baldurs Gate 3 & Cyberpunk 2077.
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