Rust OfflineTV server will split up - is xQc to blame?

Published: Jan. 01, 2021
Updated: Jan. 29, 2024


The drama surrounding the OfflineTV Rust server populated by over 50 streamers does not stop. Now the founder of the server has decided to sort of split up the group.

This is what happened: After conflicts between the streamers on the Rust server of OfflineTV in the last few days, mainly due to the PvP-oriented former Overwatch professional xQc, the founder of the server has now spoken out.

The streamer Abe "BaboAbe" Chung has announced via Twitter that a new server will be launched on January 7, 2021 at 5PM PST, which is dedicated to roleplay and will offer incentivized PvP. Fewer streamers will also be invited to avoid further chaos.


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The new server will also provide additional rules and custom elements to protect each player and their experience. The current offline TV server should continue to exist for all streamers who would like to devote themselves to competitive gameplay and raids.

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Is it all xQc's fault?

While the Canadian streamer xQc was not invited at all due to its chaotic and PvP-oriented nature and later joined the offline TV server, there are probably other players on the server who like to devote themselves to PvP.

This is what Abe also says: Abe says in a thread on Reddit that it is not due to xQc alone. He originally started the server to bring Rust closer to his friends in RP. He understands that PvP is a big part of the game, but that's why he created a private server to escape the norm.

"I almost never comment on reddit but let me provide some more context here. No matter how you might be speculating, this is NOT because of xQc alone. I originally started this server to provide a place for my friends to learn the game, hang out and do some roleplaying. I understand that PvP is a part of the game but the whole reason we made a private server was to get away from the norm of public servers. With that in mind, if most of the friends I originally started this server for are not having fun then it makes sense for me to create a more suitable environment for that original purpose, right?

Maybe it's my fault for not making that clear enough for everyone that joined but I felt this was the best solution for everyone. Both servers are going to be kept up, a lot of big streamers are going to be joining the original server and there's actually going to be even MORE people to PvP with which means more content and interactions. So I actually don't see any reason why anyone would be upset about this decision unless you get your full enjoyment from seeing streamers having a bad time rather than seeing many streamers enjoying the game together.

Please understand that this decision was made with the best interest of EVERYONE in mind."


The Canadian Streamer xQc

He also confirms again that both servers will run in parallel and that other streamers will join the PvP server. From January 7th there will be two OfflineTV Rust servers on which all streamers can have fun, regardless of whether they want to play PvP or RP.

Which streamer is now playing on which server is currently not known. xQc remains on the PvP server and can finally let off steam.

What do you think of the whole thing? Is that the right decision by Abe or does he just not dare to ban xQc from the server, as many viewers had requested? Let us know in the comments.

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xQc is goated

No, he just is looking for the juice

Fuck you

Xqc is a piece of crap! Hands down. I have never seen a bigger douche in my life!!

fraser williams

fucken malding xd

xQc is goated

No, he just is looking for the juice

Fuck you

Xqc is a piece of crap! Hands down. I have never seen a bigger douche in my life!!

fraser williams

fucken malding xd

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