Arma Reforger Official: All Info from the Live Stream & Arma 4 Announcement

Published: May. 17, 2022
Updated: May. 17, 2022

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Today was finally the day, and the long wait for the Livestream about the future of the Arma series took place on Developer Bohemia Interactive announced Arma Reforger and Arma 4 and we'll tell you all the info we got from the stream in short form.

What happened? In the livestream about the future of Arma, we finally got some information about the next Arma title. Started the stream treacherously in the style of the 80s.

Developer shows gameplay of Arma Reforger - This is new

What did the stream show? Already the beginning of the livestream let us hope for great things. A spectacle set in the 1980s, showing us a visit to the cinema. The actors were looking forward to a review of the Arma series:

Started the feature film, then with just this review and showed the past 20 years of Arma: Combat Operations, over Arma 2 bishin to Arma 3 and its DLCs. But surely that's not the reason you clicked on this article, right?

Announcement shows 2 games: The cinematic ended with Arma Reforger being announced. We see some gameplay scenes from the map Everon and the new graphics power behind it. Arma 4 was also teased, but not much is known by now.


die neue Karte Everon in Arma Reforger.

All about the gameplay, multiplayer & game world of Arma Reforger.

Arma Reforger is actually set in the 1980s and is set on a new version of the map Everon. The game world is built from completely new and already known assets. The developers are using the new assets that they recently created for Livonia. Reforger is also intended to serve as a basic platform for upcoming titles from developer Bohemia Interactive.

How does Reforger play? For the first time, the intermediate part of Arma does not divide its players into classes. Players' roles are supposed to change dynamically with each game mode, or change according to the situation on the battlefield. For the first time in the series, there is vaulting, i.e. climbing over obstacles.

Arma Reforger is also supposed to get more out of the gameplay with vehicles. The mobile vehicles will no longer be used to simply transport people. Players will also have to use them to transport ammunition or fuel to the front. To what extent this differs from the previous vehicle gameplay remains to be seen.


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Is there crossplay? Crossplay is also a trademark of Arma Reforger. PC players and Xbox players will be able to play together on all servers. No matter if these servers have mods or not.

Modding & Zeus: Right at the launch of Arma Reforger, there will be the "Game Master" mode. In this, a player can modify a game in progress, have lightning strike or place enemies as well as reinforcements. This is based on the ZEUS mode from Arma 3.The community should have it even easier than ever before to create new content for Arma. Modders don't even have to use a third-party program to optimize the mods or upload them to the workshop. Modding is then even available to players on the console.

When is Arma Reforger Releasing? Arma Reforger is already released in Early Access on Steam and Xbox Series. It costs 30 $ or 29,99 € in the shop.

All info about Arma Reforger at a glance:

  • Arma Reforger has been in development for 5 years.
  • It is completely based on the new Enfusion Engine.
  • Reforger has various game modes which can be customized by players.
  • Arma Reforger serves as the basis for the ongoing development of Arma 4.
  • The map is meant to invite exploration.
  • Arma Reforger has 2 game modes at launch.
  • There is no single player at launch.
  • Arma Reforger is the first game in the series to be released on console (Xbox Series).
  • Modding support is the focus of the new Arma.
  • There is a Zeus mode

What the stream revealed about Arma 4

Unfortunately, the developers were not able to tell much about Arma 4. After all, the announcement was only a few seconds long and also only showed the new logo. More on Arma 4 here: Arma 4 officially announced – but release is a long way off


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