Baldur's Gate 3: Rescue Halsin and obtain the Rune of the Wolf

Published: Dec. 05, 2023
Updated: Jan. 15, 2024

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Halsin is an NPC and the head druid in the Emerald Grove. However, when you first arrive there, Halsin is missing. In the quest 'Save the Druid Halsin,' in Baldur's Gate 3, you must find and rescue him. This guide will show you how to accomplish that.

In this guide, you will learn:

  • Where Halsin has disappeared to.
  • How to free Halsin.
  • What you can do with the Rune of the Wolf.

Finding and rescuing Halsin in Baldur's Gate

To find the first druid, it doesn't require much effort. The quest description already reveals that you should search for Halsin in the Goblin Camp. And indeed, the druid has been taken there. Head to the Goblins and explore the Shattered Sanctum. Simply go straight through the dungeon, and you will find Halsin on the right side of his cell. We encountered Halsin there, transformed into the shape of a bear (makes sense, since he is a druid).

EN BG3 Halsin Location

You can find Halsin in the Goblin Camp.

On your way through the Goblin Camp and the Shattered Sanctum, you will naturally encounter smaller groups of Goblins. If you are friends with the Goblins, you should try to communicate and find a peaceful solution. However, we have nothing to do with Goblins and have cleared a path to Halsin. Fortunately, Goblins are not particularly tough opponents. In the last battle, though, we should have chosen the diplomatic approach first.

By the way, the game doesn't reveal that the bear is Halsin. Once you reach the monster's cell, you will also encounter several Goblin guards. It is easier to convince the Goblins to open Halsin's cell door. This is extremely useful because, with the Druid in his terrifying bear form, the remaining Goblins are quickly taken care of.

Tip: Don't forget to loot the numerous chests you'll find all over the Shattered Sanctum.

If you're still having trouble with combat, you can also make use of the chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. You can shoot them down with a ranged attack and make them fall on the goblins. After a successful battle, Halsin will reveal his true identity and return to the Emerald Grove. However, you can also ask the druid to stay by your side and join your group.

Obtain the Rune of the Wolf and Solve the Puzzle in the Enclave Library

If you didn't recruit the druid into your team, you can encounter him again in the Emerald Grove. There, you can witness him reclaiming his position as the head druid. Afterward, you can proceed through the large stone door and speak with Rath. He will give you the Rune of the Wolf. With this rune, you must pass through the next room, known as the Druid Chambers, and you will enter the Enclave Library.

BG3 Enklavenbibliothek

Under the Enclave Library, you can find a hidden room with valuable loot.

In the library, you will then place the Rune of the Wolf in the designated socket on one of the four pedestals. The other three sockets are already equipped with runes. Now, all you have to do is activate the four pedestals in any order. Once you have done that, the statue in the center will descend, revealing a secret passage to a room full of loot.

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