Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Unlock Jack Skellington

Published: Dec. 05, 2023
Updated: Dec. 13, 2023

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Finally, the time has come. The popular life simulation game is leaving the Early Access phase. As one of several new characters, you can now unlock Jack Skellington in Disney Dreamlight Valley. This guide will show you how.

In this guide, you will learn:

  • How to unlock Jack Skellington in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
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Unlock Jack Skellington in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To unlock the beloved Pumpkin King, Jack Skellington, in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you fortunately don't have to do much. We have already unlocked Jack and in this guide, we will reveal how you can do it without any problems.

Find four Matryoshka Dolls

To start the quest for Jack Skellington, you need to find one of the four Matryoshka dolls in the main square. Then, you have to bring the doll to Merlin and show it to him. Talk to the eccentric wizard, and he will tell you that there are more dolls to be found in the valley.

As mentioned before, there are a total of four Matryoshka dolls in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Unfortunately, the dolls spawn at different locations for each player. In our case, we found two of the dolls at the main square.

Doll number three was found by us (and other players) in the clearing of trust under a bush. The fourth and final doll was located right in the middle of the peaceful meadow next to the big fountain.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Matroshka-Puppe Location

Doll number three in the Glade of Trust in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Picture: Bazzy

Transfer the dolls to the Halloween Tree

Once you have found all four dolls, you need to bring them to Jack's tree in the Forgotten Land. We're not entirely sure if the tree is located in a different place for each player. In our case, it conveniently stood right next to the Pumpkin House. So, it's not unlikely that this location is the same for all players.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Matroshka-Puppe

Transfer the dolls to the Halloween Tree. Picture: Bazzy

Then you have to interact with the tree and transfer the dolls in it. And that's all. Next, a cut scene is played and Jack Skellington moves into your valley.

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