How to Build a Flag Pole in DayZ! It’s That Easy

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Often it is the little things that cause us problems in DayZ. So today I’m going to show you how to build a flagpole in DayZ.

What can a flagpole do? In fact, a flagpole in DayZ is not purely for a decorative purpose. Much more, it ensures that your items stay where they belong.

Once you have set up the flagpole and hoisted the flag, items that are within 60 meters will not despawn! So they stay in place until someone removes them.

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Build a flagpole in DayZ! The preparation

You need these resources: At the beginning, I talked about the “simple things” of building a flagpole, but in reality, building one is quite difficult.

The biggest issue is the raw materials because hardly any other base building element requires such an amount of building stuff. In particular, the needed raw materials are:

  • 10 Woodlogs
  • 32 (Large) Stones
  • 3 Short Sticks
  • 2 Rope
  • 1 Metalwire

But tools should not be missing either. Again, the flagpole trumps all other base building parts in DayZ.

  • Sledgehammer
  • Pick Axe or Shovel
  • Hatchet or Hammer

dayz update 1.09 base building flaggen

Build a DayZ flagpole! Not that simple at all

1. Base of the flagpole

Build the Foundation: As always, you start by making the kit. For this you need 3x short and one rope. Now click through the blueprints until you see the flagpole kit.

Make it and place it where you want your mast later.

Then you add a wooden log, equip the sledgehammer and set up the base of the mast.

2. Building the socket

Shortage of raw materials? Now you require the 32x stones and 6x logs. Attach them all to your established foundation. You should now have a huge pile of stones around your foundation with some trunks sticking out of it.

After you have managed that, you now organize 60 nails, a metal wire, a rope, and 3 more wooden logs. Of course, you add these back to your base of the flagpole! Then you take out your ax or hammer and put up the flagpole.

3. Find a flag & build the rest

Here you can find flags: Without a flag, the flagpole in DayZ won’t do you anything. But these are not too difficult to find.

According to the loot table, they spawn in schools and offices. However, when we look at which buildings fall into these categories, it gets easier!


  • General Store
  • Pub
  • School
  • Transit Bus Wreck
  • Ada 4×4 Wreck


  • Small Office
  • Big Office
  • City Hall
  • Transit Bus Wreck

You have to pay attention to that! Over time, the flag will keep lowering. This is a mechanism that determines when your flagpole and base will disappear. To prevent that, all you have to do is hoist the flag again.


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