Conan Exiles: All Bosses and Their Locations

Published: Oct. 11, 2022
Updated: Dec. 14, 2023

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In the unforgiving world of Conan Exiles, there are numerous bosses in the open game world that you can defeat for plenty of loot. Our guide tells you which world bosses there are and at which location you can find them.

Our guide will show you:

  • We'll explain how to recognize the bosses and their stages.
  • We'll show you all the bosses in the different regions of the Exiled Lands.
  • We'll provide you with the spawn points or teleport commands to make it easier for you to find them.

Here's how you Recognize Bosses in Conan Exiles

In addition to numerous mini-bosses roaming around Hyboria with a skull icon next to their names, there are also exceptionally strong bosses marked with 3 skulls. These powerful bosses drop legendary items and Fragments of Power. These special bosses are also known as world bosses, and they are abundant in the Exiled Lands. You can also find them on the Isle of Siptah.

All Conan Exiles Bosses in the Desert

The desert in Conan Exiles is the first area you'll visit in the Exiled Lands. You'll likely spend your initial levels here and establish your base. As you explore the desert, you'll encounter various world bosses.

King Scorpion

Larger than even the largest scorpions, king scorpions are grayer and have round, swollen claws. You can find several of them in Hyboria.


  • Southeast of The Tower of Bats but southwest of Ravager's Cleft.
  • On the outskirts of the north side of the unnamed city, next to the Godsight Spire.
  • East of Ironbreaker Ridge on a small hill just west of the entrance to the Nameless City.

King Rhino

The king rhino is a legendary creature. Bigger and meaner than a common rhino, a king rhino also differs from its brethren in that it has a single large horn on its snout.


  • TeleportPlayer -94340 58714 -8815
  • TeleportPlayer -230186 116541 -3315

Giant Crocodile

In terms of appearance, it does not differ from the legendary creature of the giant crocodile, but it is much weaker. It guards the back of Gallaman's tomb and contains the jagged scourgestone piece believed to have eaten from Gallaman's corpse.


  • It guards the back of Gallaman's tomb.

White Tiger

The white tiger is larger than the other tigers and is black, and white striped.


  • TeleportPlayer 25254 53489 -7153
  • TeleportPlayer -233314 -63839 9159
  • TeleportPlayer -244738 -34481 4334
  • TeleportPlayer 162565 103698 -19041


A legendary elephant that roams the northern parts of the Eastern Savannah.


  • TeleportPlayer 21931 60082 -9308

Sand Reaper Hive Queen

This boss is indistinguishable from the Sand Reaper Hive Queen (legendary creature), but much weaker.


  • At the very back of The Passage.

The Executioner

A skeletal contortionist that can deal stacking bleed damage with a fast attack and longer range.


  • TeleportPlayer 85764 139771 -15470

Undead Dragon

It's the revived skeletal remains of a dragon. It roams the sandbox in The Arena. This terrifying beast was once the strongest dragon ever bred by the giant kings for use in the arena. It was slain in battle by Tyros, the half-giant, half-human hero.


  • In the sinkhole of the arena.

The End of All Hope

A giant spider in a cave.


  • TeleportPlayer -68492 156654 -16329

Valis the Loyal

Valis the Loyal is a worshiper of Hanuman, the monkey god. He is found praying at the foot of an ancient Hanuman statue in Hanuman's Grotto. Around him is a circle of ghostly figures worshiping the statue, and next to him is a moldy note.


  • TeleportPlayer 40391 275306 -21495

The Tortured King

A legendary skelet warrior in King's Niche.


  • TeleportPlayer -230136 -42943 -2000

The Gate Guardian

A larger and stronger Wright, but not as strong as the Gravewalker.


  • Warmaker's Sanctuary


A larger and stronger Wright, but not as strong as the Gravewalker.


  • Warmaker's Sanctuary

Champion of the Warmaker

The Warmaker's Champion deals high damage, has a status effect, attacks in multiple combos, and is heavily armored. In addition, the champion's combat is divided into three phases, where he becomes faster, stronger, and physically larger at 75% health, which is further amplified at 50% health.


  • Warmaker's Sanctuary


The Rockslide is a legendary creature that can be found in the passage east of Fingerfang Rock. It is a colossal, living mountain.

Spawn Point:

  • East of Fingerfang Rock.

All Conan Exiles Bosses in the Nameless City

The Nameless City in the Exiled Lands is also located in the desert, but it is a forgotten and cursed realm. Here, you will primarily encounter undead creatures and powerful adversaries.

The Gravewalker

This creature is similar to normal wights but significantly larger and stronger. He roams along a huge stretch of wall to the southwest of the unnamed city.


  • TeleportPlayer -184064, 157113

Green Dragon

A Green Dragon is a creature in Conan Exiles. This variant can spit fire and is still pretty tanky. They can be found in the Nameless City.

Red Dragon

Same as the Green Dragon, only in red. Also roams around the unnamed city south of Muriela's Hioe.

Spawn Points:

  • South of Muriela's Hope
  • Northeast of the Nameless City

Red Mother

The Red Mother is a giant female Red Dragon. It is the oldest living dragon in the unnamed city. Presumably, he is the alpha animal and the mother of all living dragons in the ruined city.


  • TeleportPlayer -168036, 132152

Giant Snake

These legendary creatures are enormous, python-like snakes that are tens of meters long.


  • One is located at the ground-level entrance to the arena.
  • One is in the back of the Triumvirate's Citadel in The Nameless City.

Winged Death

This white, large Gargoyle Bat Demon looks very similar to the Albino Bat Demon, albeit significantly stronger and more devastating. It protects the central roost of the winged demons that fly with ferocity over the nameless city, and strikes mercilessly from above.


  • Central sleeping place of the winged demons.

The Watcher

This former commander wears an iron crown and wields a two-handed metal star hammer. It stands on a broken stone bridge you must climb to reach, overlooking parts of the ruined city.


  • TeleportPlayer -155274, 131796

The Brute

The Brute is essentially a large contortionist skeleton. It's one of two bosses that actively roam around its spawn for a bit.


  • In the northwest of the nameless city.

Guardian of the Flame

This former commander wears an iron crown and wields a one-handed metal star sword. He guards a large eternal bonfire in a small artificial bay below the stone battlements.


  • Near the center of the Nameless City.

The Commander

This former commander wears an iron crown and a two-handed metal star sword. He guards two chests in a plaza leading to a closed Acherus stone gate.


  • In the east of the Nameless City.

All Conan Exiles Bosses in the Tundra

The Tundra is the area located in the northwest of the Exiled Lands, north of the desert and south of the snow biome. In the Tundra, you'll encounter stronger enemies starting from level 30 and will be exposed to a cool temperature.


A rotbranch is a legendary creature in Conan Exiles. It's a large skeletal animal that resembles a mix between a gorilla and a rocknose king. A Rotbranch will usually remain dormant at their spawn location and will be hostile when approached.


  • Shattered Springs
  • Circle of Swords
  • Tarman's Berth: To the east on a large eight-shaped island
  • Highlands: At the bottom of the path leading to Jhil's Roost
  • Tundra: Northwest of The Dirgewood, at the base of the mountains at -269, -139. Legendary chest spawns nearby at -270, -138.

The King Beneath

The King Beneath, also known as the Barrow King or Priestking, is a boss in Conan Exiles. He resides in The Barrow King cave.


  • TeleportPlayer -282882 -110985 2184

All Conan Exiles Bosses in the Highlands

The Highlands are located to the east of the Tundra and are also situated between the desert and the snow biome. Here, you'll also encounter creatures starting from level 30 and find abundant flora.

Ladagara Daughter of Ymir

A daughter of the god Ymir who uses the legendary Foeshatter to deal cripple and bleed damage with heavy attacks. She always drops a Frost Giant bodyguard for you to summon.


  • TeleportPlayer -78566 -40157 66

All Conan Exiles Bosses in the Jungle

The vast jungle in the eastern part of the map, right along the coast, is suitable for players from level 20 onwards. Here, you will encounter spiders, gorillas, tigers, indigenous tribes, and other dangers.

Dunkas the Mad Eye

A strong fighter of the Black Hand faction.


  • TeleportPlayer 315365 68383 -16804

Demon Spider

The Demon Spider appears to be a mutant spider creature with a more humanoid torso


  • The Summoning Circle in Weaver's Hollow.
  • On the island where the wreck of the martyr is located.
  • In the dungeon of the wine cellar.
  • At the bridge in Spinner's Ridge (Isle of Siptah DLC).

Giant Spider

A giant spider with high health that is accompanied by other small spiders. There are at least five of these legendary creatures. They all have the same values.


  • At the back of Skittering Cavern, along the western river fork (cave).
  • South of Spinebreaker's Flank (Desert).
  • There are two of them in The Silkwood (jungle).
    • TeleportPlayer 280207 202439 -19078
    • TeleportPlayer 292716 206486 -19078
  • West of the Dryfalls (desert).

The Witch Queen

The Witch Queen is one of the ancient rulers of Lemuria, all of whom without exception were women. She worships the god Dagon.


  • She can be found in the Witch Queen's palace.

The Ritual Keeper

The Ritual Keeper is the last boss in the Sunken City dungeon. This Lemurian priestess is responsible for maintaining the ritual and tying Dagon to the temple. She is adorned in a Lemurian royal robe and is accompanied by several of Dagon's cultists.


  • TeleportPlayer -344702 135885 -14639

All Conan Exiles Bosses in the Snow-Biome

The snow biome is located far to the north of the Exiled Lands. It is suitable for players from level 40 and the entire area is covered in snow. Low temperatures and formidable foes like dragons, yetis, or mammoths make survival challenging.

The Kinscourge

The Kinscourge (called Tyros the Deathbringer in his past life) is the final boss in The Black Keep.


  • TeleportPlayer -262395 -328984 4091

White Dragon

A White Dragon, unlike their southern brethren, prefers colder climates. It can be found at the entrance to the High Way and under the Forge of Ymir.

Hrungnir of the Frost

Hrungnir of the Frost is a frost giant and dungeon boss that can be found in the throne room at the end of the middle path in the Temple of Frost. Several frost giants guard him.


  • TeleportPlayer -115505 -265187 10466

Black Yeti

Certain legends speak of a monster that roams the cold mountains, attacking anyone foolish enough to roam out there. This legendary creature is a huge, black, ape-like monster.


  • TeleportPlayer 17161 -136521 11044
  • TeleportPlayer 193549 -235606


Feasts-On-Flesh is a boss and descendant of the Child of Jhil.


  • TeleportPlayer 27410 -80659 14411

Nest Mother

Nest Mother in Conan Exiles

The Nest Mother is a boss and descendant of the Child of Jhil.


  • TeleportPlayer 35323 -55615 8641

Fiend of Jhil

Fiend of Jhil in Conan Exiles

The Fiend of Jhil is a boss and descendant of the Child of Jhil.


  • TeleportPlayer 47665 -48144 4060


Shrouded-By-Darkness in Conan Exiles

Shrouded-In-Darkness is a boss and descendant of the Child of Jhil.


  • TeleportPlayer 38446 -26160 1193

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