Dark and Darker: How to get a Golden Key for Epic Loot

Published: Feb. 06, 2023
Updated: Feb. 06, 2023

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If you want to get the best loot in Dark and Darker, you have to use the golden key to enter the treasure chamber behind the golden door. We'll tell you what the golden key is all about.

Here's what's going on: In the Extraction RPG Dark and Darker, you enter a dangerous dungeon alone or with up to 2 friends, fight monsters, other players and collect loot. But in order to keep it, you have to escape successfully. But if you want to have the best loot, one room is especially important; The treasure chamber behind a golden door. To open it, you need a rare golden key.

Here you can Get a Golden Key in Dark and Darker

To get a golden key in Dark and Darker, which will eventually open the golden door in the dungeon, there are several ways:

  • Buy a key from the Warehouse from other players. Often around 1000 gold.
  • Loot a golden key from an enemy player.
  • Loot a golden key from a skeleton champion.
Dark and Darker golden Key

The golden key in Dark and Darker is extremely valuable.

The easiest way to get started is to defeat Skeleton Champions and hope they drop one of the coveted keys. Alternatively, if you have enough gold, you can buy a key in the player warehouse, should it be offered there.

You Need the Golden Key for the Golden Door

Once you've looted a golden key in Dark and Darker, you must find the golden door in the dungeon. While you found the treasure chamber in the center of the Colosseum map in the first alpha test phase, the location is different in the current test.

We have not been able to find it yet for the fourth playtest, but the location in the third playtest was on the Inferno Two map. In the southern half, right in the middle, you'll find a column you can walk up and where you should find the golden door halfway up.

We will update the article as soon as we can confirm the details for the fourth playtest. Have you already found the golden door in the 4th alpha test phase? Then tell us in the comments below!

More about Dark and Darker

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