Diablo 4: “Scorched Debts” - Lyruks Location

Published: Jun. 04, 2023
Updated: Jan. 29, 2024

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Diablo 4 offers several side quests, and some of them require you to find certain NPCs. We'll tell you where to find Lyruk for the Scorched Debts quest in Act 3, the Dry Steppes, in our guide.

What is this side quest? The Scorched Debts side quest starts when you find a leather-bound book near Onyxtower in the Dry Steppes, and it starts whispering to you. You try to find out more about the book and ask around the town. You are told that the book's previous owner, Lyruk, is camping in the Dry Steppe. You are supposed to find him, and a large search area is marked on the map.

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Where to Find Lyruk in Diablo 4 for the “Scorched Debts” Quest.

To find Lyruk quickly, head straight to the Fate's Retreat waypoint on the edge of the marked quest area. From here you only have to walk a short distance, and you will find Lyruk directly at an unlikely corner:

This is how it continues: Once you have found Lyruk, he tells you about the book and that you should burn it. You will find the campfire a little west of the camp, but the attempt fails. Lyruk has another idea; summon the demon in the book and eliminate it. You meet Lyruk again a few hundred meters west of the camp and fight the demon from the book. After that, the quest is completed.

With this you have finished the quest “Scorched Debts”, which is part of the achievement “Arbiter of the Steppes” together with two other quests:

  • Sentimental Value
  • A Pound of Flesh
  • Scorched Debts

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