Disney Dreamlight Valley: Blend of the Bayou [Recipe and Ingredient Guide]

Published: Jan. 15, 2024
Updated: Jan. 15, 2024

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Among the 5-star dishes in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you will also find the recipe for the Blend of the Bayou, which was added to the game through the “A Rift in Time” add-on. In this guide, we will explain the following topics to you:

The information this guide has:

  • Recipe and ingredients for the Bayou blend.
    • How and where to get all the ingredients.
  • The qualities of the 5-star main dish.
  • All the benefits of cooking in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Recipe and Ingredients for the Blend of the Bayou in Dreamlight Valley

To be able to prepare Blend of the Bayou you have to gather the following ingredients:

  • Prisma Shrimp
  • Rice
  • Celery
  • Butter
  • Spice of Choice

How to Get All the Ingredients

Prism Shrimp: The Prism Shrimp can be caught within the orange circles of the Grove, situated in the Wild Tangle on Eternity Isle. You can either sell it for 1100 coins at Goofy's stalls or consume it to gain or restore 1600 energy.

Rice: You can purchase rice or rice seeds at Goofy's stand on the Glade of Trust for 35 coins. Rice seeds require 50 minutes to get ready for harvest. Once harvested, rice has a coin value of 61 and provides 59 energy.

Celery: You can purchase celery seeds at Goofy's stand in the Ancient's Landing on Eternity Isle for 20 coins each. The seeds take 10 minutes to grow before you can harvest them. Each piece of celery has a coin value of 65 and provides 60 energy.

Butter: You need to purchase butter for 190 coins at Remy's shop, located inside his restaurant. The restaurant can be used in both the main game and the “A Rift in Time” add-on.

Spice of Choice: For this dish, you can select and use one of the spices growing in the various biomes. The overall value of the prepared dish varies depending on the coin and energy value of the chosen spice. You can choose from the following spices:

Main Game:

  • Basil
  • Ginger
  • Garlic
  • Oregano
“A Rift in Time”-Add-on:

  • Cumin
  • Majestea
  • Paprika
  • Cinnamon
Author's Tip: Plant the vegetable seeds where you bought them to reduce the growing time and improve quality. With the help of the ancient gardener, you have no work and can relax while harvesting the finished plants.
Blend of the Bayou Recipe and Ingredients Guide - Disney Dreamlight Valley

The “Blend of the Bayou”-Recipe in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Blend of the Bayou: All Values of This 5-Star Dish

Once you have prepared the Bayou Blend in Disney Dreamlight Valley, the 5-star main dish will have the following values:

  • Value in Coins: 2400
  • Energy Value: 4238
Author's note: The values may vary depending on the spice you used. In this example, I used oregano.

Now, you can give this dish as a gift to residents to boost your friendship level, or you can sell it at one of Goofy's stands to earn 2400 coins. If your energy is running low, or you need some extra energy for surfing, you can eat the Blend of the Bayou to receive the energy value you can see above.

Blend of the Bayou Recipe and Ingredients Guide - Disney Dreamlight Valley - all Values

All Values of the 5-Star Recipe

Cooking in Disney Dreamlight Valley: All Advantages

Cooking various dishes in Disney Dreamlight Valley provides you with advantages that help complete quests and accomplish various tasks. Additionally, you can level your friendships with the residents up, earn coins, or regenerate your energy by consuming the prepared dishes. Further details on how to achieve this will be explained in the following information.

Kochen in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Build and decorate your kitchen and other rooms in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Get more recipe guides sorted by star rating, as well as by appetizers, main courses, or desserts, in our comprehensive Disney Dreamlight Valley guide overview.

Cooking to Level Up Friendships

Every resident has three favorite gifts that change daily and can help you reach the next friendship level more quickly. Often, these favorite gifts include one or two dishes, that you can prepare accordingly.

In addition to the three favorite gifts, 5-star dishes can also significantly help you to increase your friendship level. If you have unlocked Remy's restaurant, you can earn more friendship points by serving residents the dishes they have ordered.

Cooking to Regenerate Your Energy or Receive Extra Energy

You can quickly regenerate your energy, which you've used during activities like fishing, by consuming dishes. Additionally, eating a prepared dish can provide you with some extra energy that goes beyond the blue energy bar, and is displayed in gold. This extra energy enables you to move faster in the Valley by surfing instead of walking.

Cooking to Earn Coins

You can sell the dishes you've prepared at Goofy's stands, each of which can be found in every biome. The price for each meal varies based on the ingredients used and their quantity. Simpler dishes with fewer ingredients may turn out to be more profitable than complex ones made with a greater variety of ingredients.

Cooking to Feed Animals

To become friends with the animals from the various biomes in Disney Dreamlight Valley, it's advisable to offer them their favorite food, or at least food they enjoy. Most animals are fine with basic raw ingredients like fish, vegetables, or fruits. However, some animals exclusively desire prepared dishes and won't accept anything else. For example, the ravens in the Forgotten Lands exclusively prefer 5-star dishes, while the monkeys in the Ancient's Landing only want banana-based dishes with at least 3 stars.

Cooking for Quests and Star Paths

To finish some quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley, it can be necessary to prepare particular or named dishes. Normally, you will receive the recipes for these dishes from the resident who gave you the quest or from another resident involved in the quest.

During the Star Paths, you may encounter tasks to consume or cook specific dishes, with the quantity and type of dish varying. There can also be details regarding a specific number of dishes you have to prepare and the required number of stars, without specifying a particular dish.

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