Disney Dreamlight Valley: Bulgur Salad [Recipe and Ingredients Guide]

Published: Jan. 20, 2024
Updated: Jan. 20, 2024

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The Bulgur Salad recipe is a 5-star appetizer that you can prepare in Disney Dreamlight Valley. By reading this guide, you will discover the necessary ingredients you need to collect to cook this recipe and where to find them. Our guide includes the following content:

The information this guide beholds:

  • We'll tell you everything you need to know about the Bulgur Salad.
    • Recipe and ingredients for the 5-star dish.
    • As well as prices, locations, growth time, and additional information on all the required ingredients.
  • The nutritional values of the prepared bulgur salad.
  • Benefits of cooking dishes in Dreamlight Valley.

Bulgur Salad: Recipe and Ingredients of the 5-Star Dish

To prepare this 5-star appetizer, you have to plant, pick, or buy the following ingredients:

  • Spice of Your Choice
  • Wheat
  • Cucumber
  • Tomato
  • Mint

How and Where You Will Find the Ingredients

Spice of your choice:  In each biome, you can easily gather spices, sweeteners, or even vegetables such as mushrooms from the ground. When preparing the Bulgur Salad recipe, you can choose one of the spices listed in our table below. The coin and energy values of these spices may vary, leading to different values for the dish.

Choose one of these spices for the Bulgur Salad:

Main Game:

  • Basil (Peaceful Meadow)
  • Ginger (Forgotten Lands)
  • Garlic (Forest of Valor)
  • Oregano (Plaza)
“A Rift in Time”-Add-on:

  • Cumin (throughout the Ancient's Landing)
  • Majestea (The Overlook, The Ruins)
  • Paprika (The Oasis, The Borderlands)
  • Cinnamon (The Grassland)

Wheat: You can purchase wheat or wheat seeds for just one coin at one of Goofy's stands, located either in the Peaceful Meadow (main game) or in Ancient's Landing on Eternity Isle (A Rift in Time). After planting the seeds, you'll only need to wait for one minute before you can harvest the wheat. Once harvested, you have the option to sell it for 2 coins per piece or consume it to gain 19 energy.

Cucumber:  In Frosted Heights, you can buy cucumbers or cucumber seeds for 40 coins each at Goofy's stand. It takes 1 hour and 15 minutes for the planted cucumber seeds to grow into harvestable cucumbers. Once harvested, a cucumber is worth 159 coins if you choose to sell it to Goofy. Alternatively, you can consume it, providing you with 145 energy, which can be used either in a dish during cooking or directly to benefit your character when eaten.

Tomato:  At Dazzling Beach, you can purchase tomatoes or tomato seeds for 8 coins each at Goofy's stand. After planting the seeds, you'll need to wait for 25 minutes for the tomatoes to grow. Once harvested, the tomatoes are worth 22 coins if you decide to sell them, and they also provide an energy value of 21 if you plan to use them to recharge your energy.

Mint: Mint is a sweetener that grows abundantly in the Frosted Heights and can be easily collected from the ground. You can either sell it for 80 coins per piece at Goofy's stand or consume it to gain 155 energy.

Author's Tips:

  1. In Wall-E's Garden, you can harvest randomly growing vegetables for free every day. To maximize your vegetable harvest, it's a good idea to upgrade the garden to its maximum level.
  2. Always plant vegetable seeds in the same biome where you bought them to reduce the growth time and increase the quality. With the help of the Ancient Gardener, you won't have to do any work and can relax.
Bulgur Salad Disney Dreamlight Valley - Recipe and Ingredients

The Ingredients and Recipe to Prepare the Bulgur Salad in Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley: All Values of the Bulgur Salad

After preparing the Bulgur Salad, the values of the individual ingredients are combined and receive a slight boost through the cooking process, resulting in the following values:

  • Coin Value: 396
  • Energy Value: 910
Author's Note: The values may vary depending on the spice you used. In this example, I used cumin.

After cooking, the prepared dish is automatically placed in your inventory. You can then choose to give it as a gift to a resident, feed it to animals, consume it yourself, or store it in your warehouse. The benefits of each of these options will be explained below.

Bulgur Salad Disney Dreamlight Valley Values

The Coin Value and Energy Value of the Bulgur Salad Recipe

Cooking in Disney Dreamlight Valley: All Advantages

Cooking is an essential activity in Dreamlight Valley, and you'll find yourself needing it in various ways throughout the game. Eventually, cooking becomes a necessity, making it a good idea to understand how prepared dishes can be of help:

  • Level up Friendships
  • Gain Energy
  • Earn Coins
  • Befriend Animals
  • Complete Quests and Other Tasks
Kochen in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Design your kitchen and the other rooms in your house.

Get more recipe guides sorted by star rating, as well as by appetizers, main courses, or desserts, in our comprehensive Disney Dreamlight Valley guide overview.

Cooking to Level Up Friendship:

The quickest way to increase your friendship with a villager is by giving them one of their three favorite gifts. These favorite gifts change daily and may occasionally include two items.

Cooked 5-star dishes, even if they are not among their three favorites, can also help increase your friendship level faster. If you need more friendship points to raise the level further, you can prepare and serve the dishes ordered by the residents at Remy's restaurant.

Cooking to Regenerate Your Energy:

If you've lost energy during an activity in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can regenerate it more quickly by consuming a prepared dish. Even if your energy bar is already full, you can still eat a dish that provides you with additional energy. This extra energy is displayed in a golden color above the blue bar. You can use this additional energy to extend the duration of an activity or for activities like surfing, which allows you to move more quickly in the Valley.

Cooking to Earn Coins:

Each dish has a unique value determined by the combination of different ingredients and their quantities. Some dishes allow you to select any ingredient from a specific category, like fruits. Because ingredients have varying coin values, you can create dishes with different coin and energy values. Pay attention to ingredients with high coin values so you can cook high-priced dishes that can be sold to Goofy for a substantial profit.

Cooking to Feed and Befriend Animals:

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can form friendships with various animals by offering them their favorite food or another approved meal. While most animals are content with raw ingredients, two types can only be befriended with cooked dishes: the Ravens from the Forgotten Lands, who demand nothing less than 5-star dishes, and the Monkeys from Ancient's Landing, who exclusively accept banana-based dishes with a minimum rating of 3 stars.

Cooking for Quests and Star Paths:

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you'll encounter quests that require you to prepare specific dishes in order to complete them. Occasionally, you'll obtain the recipes for these dishes from the resident who assigned the quest or from another resident involved in the quest.

On the other hand, the Star Paths consist of more specific tasks that involve eating or preparing certain dishes in specified quantities. For instance:

  • Prepare Boba Tea [0/10] — You are allowed to choose which boba teas you want to prepare, but you have to prepare 10 of them.
  • Eat 5 Fish dishes [0/5] — Cook and consume 5 fish dishes of your choice.
  • Prepare Pumpkin Puffs [0/15] — You must prepare 15 Pumpkin Puffs.
  • Eat 5 Wedding Cakes [0/5] — Prepare five Wedding Cakes and eat them.

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