Disney Dreamlight Valley: Fruitcake - Recipe and Ingredients

Published: Dec. 10, 2022
Updated: Dec. 15, 2022

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Cooking is a big part of your tasks in Disney Dreamlight Valley, with a variety of recipes available. One of them is the 4-star, fruitcake recipe. In our guide, we'll show you how to get the ingredients for fruitcake and what the dish will do for you.

What can you get from cooking in Dreamlight Valley? Villagers often request a dish as one of their three special gift wishes, which significantly boosts the friendship level. In addition, by cooking for the villagers in Remy's restaurant, you can also level up your friendship more easily. On top of that, you can also sell the dishes to Goofy's stores for coins, which you can in turn use to improve the village. You can also complete your Dreamlight quests by cooking various star dishes along the way, which earns you Dreamlight.

The ingredients of the Fruitcake Recipe in Dreamlight Valley

To fruitcake, you will need the following ingredients:

  • 4x Any Fruit
  • 1x wheat

Here you can Get all the Ingredients:

Any Fruit: In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you have the option of 10 different types of fruit, one of which you may choose to use in this recipe.

Wheat: At Goofy's stand in the peaceful meadow, you can purchase wheat or wheat seeds. Wheat seeds take 1 minute to grow before you can harvest them. You can sell the harvested wheat for 2 coins, or eat it, which gives you +19 energy.

This is the Fruitcake in Dreamlight Valley

After you make the Fruitcake, you can sell the dish for 96 coins at Goofy's stalls or distort it to get + 1511 energy.

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Looking for more helpful guides about Disney Dreamlight Valley? Then take a look at our guide overview, where you can find more quests, material, recipes, and event guides. You can also chat with us and other players on our Discord server. We are looking forward to meeting you!

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